July 24th, 2010


ANON POST: Stress fracture and other foot injuries

Ok. I’ve done some reading on stress fractures (mine will be in the foot, I think), and I have a few questions. For reference, my character is an Olympic-grade athlete in early 2012.

My main question: The articles that I read said that treatment for a stress fracture in the foot requires total non-use of that foot. What does that mean? Does it mean non-use in the athletic situation that caused the fracture, or like, “don’t-walk-AT-ALL-use-a-crutch” kind of situation? For how long? I extrapolated that he’d be bed/chair-ridden for about a week before walking around lightly - is this correct? (I really hate how the articles were like “LOL it depends, it depends, it depends.” I just want a *rough* estimate of a timeline!)

Also, the articles I read said that sometimes a cast is used, or a special kind of shoe, or nothing at all - just rest. Which situation would be most common?

Lastly, how realistic would it be for a stress fracture to heal in exactly one month? The athlete MUST go back to training after a month, and preferably start some light training after two weeks. Will there be any major complications, or will it mostly be gone? (I should mention that the athlete develops the stress fracture just days before a competition, competes, and then goes to the doctor right after - possible complications in healing time there?)

The purpose of the stress fracture, plot wise, is to give the character a month off for some friendship development with another character - if there’s anything that would work just as well (that doesn’t involve casts or immobility), I’m all ears. I’d prefer not to maim him permanently with chronic future pain - he needs to be in tip-top shape for the next competition.

And I guess while I have your ears, I’m looking for another injury to inflict on my athlete during the off-season (so he has lots of time to recover). I don’t want anything permanent that would cause him trouble competing in the future, just something to take him out for a month or two. I was thinking a twisted ankle with tearing/ruptured ligament, but again, I don’t want any lingering complications or pain. Does that sound ok?

Thank you so much in advance!!!
Drawing is okay.

A strangely specific question about Rocky Mountain National Park

Hi all!
I am currently working on a scene in a comic where my characters travel through Rocky Mountain National Park via US Highway 34/Trail Ridge Road. I am hoping to include a panel depicting the west entrance to RMNP, but am having no luck finding reference images. Scenery past the entrance, before the entrance, fine. But no sign.

Can anyone tell me what sort of sign is at this entrance?

I've found this, but have no idea what entrance it's at. Google Street View yields this near the entry point, but the text is so blurry I can't make it out.

Sources used: Google Maps street view, Google Earth, personal vacation photojournals/websites, National Park website, Colorado tourism websites, travel guide sites.

Sorry this is sort of odd - I just really want this to be accurate. Thanks in advance :)

LAPD Positions In The 70's

I am currently in the planning stages of a short story that is set in mid-70's Los Angeles. This little piece of fan fiction is from the perspective of a young woman -in some form of employment with the LAPD- who is enamored with a certain homicide detective that doesn't and never will return her feelings. What I need to know is what could this woman's position of employment be? I imagine it would be something that would allow her to see/interact with this detective on a fairly regular basis (even taking into consideration the fact that he's rarely around headquarters). It could be any level of hierarchy, though I imagine its lower than most, given her young age. I thought, perhaps, an intern, but I'm not sure what would have been the norm 30 years ago. Any assistance would be most appreciated.
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Electric chair execution/ Death row prisoners final day

Setting-Not yet determined as it depends on if electric chair execution is still in use, if so where, and if not when/where it was last used.

Searched-Yahoo: Electric chair execution; final procedures before execution; last day before execution, Wikipedia: electric chair execution/history, Bing: Electric chair execution; last electric chair execution, little_details: Prison

Hi I've been trying to find out-

1) If electric chair execution is still being used and it not when and where it was last used.

2) How the prisoners final day before or the day of their execution goes. How they are generally treated on the final day/in the final hours before being executed, if they get any special treatment.

Generally any info you have on electric chair execution either concerning the history of it or in reference to the person being executed is welcome. There were some videos of electric chair execution found during my search but I couldn't bring myself to watch them so any in depth info on it would be appreciated.