July 23rd, 2010

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police officer involved shooting

Hi guys,

My character is a young police officer in a town in Iowa. When he's at home with his girlfriend - therefore off-duty - someone breaks in. His girlfriend tackles the intruder and my character grabs his gun and fires, but hits and kills his girlfriend instead of the intruder.

1) What would happen to my character in this scenario? Would he be charged with a crime? Would he have a legal defence? Would he be treated differently because he's a police officer, despite not being on the job at the time?

2) He then moves to Maine. Would he be permitted to serve as a police officer after previous events?

Thanks for your help. I've tried searching Iowa statutes and case law, plus officer-involved shootings, and haven't found anything definitive.

Stabbing / Blood Loss

I have questions about stabbing and the subsequent blood loss. The subject is a young pregnant (about 6 months along) woman in very good health. She's been stabbed with a small blade (4 in?) in her right side, just beneath the ribs.

- Is it a safe bet this hasn't hit any major organs?

- Afterwards, she's been sitting for about 20 minutes, and has managed to put on a crude, but mostly ineffective bandage, but then needs to walk a considerable distance over rough terrain. About how quickly will the affects of blood loss set in, ie when she can first detect it (I'm assuming that dizziness and shortness of breath will be the first indicators?) and how long roughly from then till she finally passes out?

- The setting is about 1000 years ago. Assuming she were given what little medical treatment was available at the time shortly afterwards, is it considerably unlikely that she could recover fully with the pregnancy intact?

Thank you!

Life of a Victorian duke and his children

Setting: The story takes place a country named Destatia that very much resembles Victorian England around the 1890's. I have a duke, named Anthony, and his children; Zane (25), Lyllia(27), Howl(18), and Samuel(10). Howl and Samuel are Anthony's nephews who he took under his wing after his brother and his sister-in-law died in a train incident. 

Questions: -What I'm wondering is what would Anthony and his children's daily life be like?
-What kind of work does a duke do?
-What would the duke normally do in his freetime?
-Since Zane has already graduated from the university, would he move out of the estate, even though he's his father's heir? If so, what would he do then?
-Lyllia isn't married yet and is an illegitimate child, so would she also live with her father?

Research: I've tried looking up Victorian dukes, life of a duke, 1800('s) duke, sons of dukes, just plain old dukes and nothing helpful came up.

Thank you so much in advance!