July 15th, 2010

Fencing with one eye...

How would the loss of an eye affect a person's ability to use a bladed weapon with any degree of skill? I know it's not that uncommon a situation in fiction and yet I've come against a brick wall in trying to find useful information on the subject. Searches for "fencing with one eye" "half blind fencing" and "fencer ability one eye" have come up with some sites on eye dominance but nothing that specifically answers my particular question. Time and setting is late seventeenth century France or England if that has any bearing on the answer. The character in question took a head wound in battle that left him blind in his right eye. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

ETA - 07/16 9:53 AM: Thank you so much to everyone who replied! I now have a decent understanding of his limitations as a swordsman and will be able to write related scenes accordingly :)
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Late Victorian British Army Medic

... and his eventful life. I'm most concerned about his rank and how he can leave service.

He's going to be a char in a tabletop RP a friend is planning, and I'd rather not bullshit my friends. Game will be set in 1904; the period I have questions about is 1892 to that date.

Search terms: so many I can't even recall them, but the latest were victorian era/late 1800's; military medic; RAMC; leaving service/army / discharge and rank, in different combinations.

Also, I'd be thankful if you wise people could check for incorrect information in what I already have.

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