July 14th, 2010

1940s-era surgical suction and anesthesia

This is kind of a followup to this question: http://community.livejournal.com/little_details/2719614.html , and my search included the terms "suction historical surgical" and reasonable variants.

Ok, in all the medical dramas and so forth, the surgeon is often asking for "suction", which I assume is a thing you actually need in real surgery, too, since it's hard to see things if there's blood in the way.
But, what would have been *used* for that, at least in the early 40s or so, in rough/field type conditions? (American or Brit equipment) Knowing what would be used in modern times in rough/field conditions would give me something to work from, too. I just need to know what might be in her medical bag to perform that function. (any other advice anyone has for "minimum kit needed to perform minor surgeries in rough conditions" would also be much appreciated)

Also, am I correct in presuming that, if she's performing surgery of some sort without the usual staff of nurses and the like, a local anesthetic would probably be much safer than a general? She's the sole medical person for a small more or less special-ops team...

Quick English to Greek translation needed

I'm making up a demon a la "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" off the top of my head.  I've got a fairly clear picture of what I want this critter to do and look like, but I need a name for it.  It's primary trait is insatiable greed for... whatever catches the individual demon's attention.  (In the case of my story, it's money, via a cattle ranch in the Old West.)  The demon is a native of a Hell dimension, and when it's in this dimension, it's effectively immortal, except when sprinkled with a certain combination of herbs to be determined later.

I've looked up Latin translations of 'greed' and 'insatiable', but I wanted something a little less obvious, so I looked for the Greek translations of those words instead.  Problem is... I can only find those Greek translations in Greek letters, which, um... I don't read Greek, so I don't even know what that stuff sounds like.  What I need is the appropriate Greek translation written in the English alphabet, and it would be great if I could get the phonetic spelling in addition, so I at least know how to pronounce it. :)

As a further question, does anyone know of a translator program that will translate into Greek and other languages that will show the English alphabet spelling?  It would help a lot, especially as I don't read Cyrillic lettering either, or Hyroglyphics, or...  and I can see wanting to do things like this fairly often in this fanfic series of mine.

Thanks in advance,


ETA 11pm, 7/15:  First, I want to thank everyone for responding so quickly.  This com is kind of awesome like that.  And also, we have a winner!  I'm going with 'harpax', the Biblical variation mentioned in the comments.  I'm also grabbing all the language comms suggested, because I totally need to add those resources to my list.  Thanks again!