July 11th, 2010


Magical Herbs to Call and Weave Magic

I am looking for some herbs that could be used in a magical ritual in England; I need one to awaken / strengthen / draw the magic, and one to weave or bind it. The context is the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.(so the herbs could be herbs found in England or in the Potterverse).. and they will be used in a funeral ceremony.

I've tried Google searches and been to several Herbal sites, but I get a surfet of data with no way of filtering through it (most of it about healing properties love potions/aphrodesiacs).  Someone with some training could probably think of some, whereas I get a bunch of medical information and new-age gibberish.
Ideas would be most welcome!


Gen: angel

Being an African-American psychiatrist in the 1970s: book recs wanted

I've got a character who's a black psychiatrist in America during the 1970s, so I'd appreciate it if people could rec any good books that discuss: 1) what it was like to be a black medical professional around that time, and 2) what American psychiatry was like through the 50s to the 80s.

I'm not American, so American race relations and psychiatry aren't my forte, but Black Psychiatrists and American Psychiatry seems like a really obvious place to start.
reaper thinking, hmm

Limitations of a Peg Leg

Setting: I'm working on a project that involves pirates, in a setting thats more or less 18th century technology wise, medical or otherwise. There are slight technological advancements that are beyond 18th century tech but they probably wouldn't reach the under privileged/ criminal underworld.

Question: So in this setting, I've got a guy who has lost a leg. It was amputated below the knee and replaced with a peg leg or equivalent thereof.

My question is that of mobility.

Would he need crutches or a cane to walk? Could he walk on his own? How likely would he be able to fight (with something other than a pistol), if at all? He was a swordsman of sorts before he lost his leg, would he be able to do any of that afterwards?

Searching: I tried searching for "mobility with peg leg" "limitations peg leg" "handicap peg leg" and have so far found the definition of a peg leg, a forum post of some GM trying to figure out what penalties to assign such a character and a fundraiser for a beagle who needs a peg leg.

Legal emancipation of minors in Japan

First post!

Setting: Tokyo, November 2009
AU/fantasy storyline revolving around a group of friends, the oldest of whom is nineteen.

Cut for potential triggering: child abuse

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Research terms used: Japanese adoption laws, Japanese laws on emancipation, history of law in Japan, the international laws of the rights of a child, a guide to emancipation, Japanese children who require protection, and further combinations of the above-mentioned search terms, also, this community.

EDIT: Thank you to all the community members who assisted me with this, the help is much appreciated :)