July 2nd, 2010


Pistols in the 1950s

I'm currently writing a piece in which I'd like my main character to carry a pistol. Of course, I'm getting caught up in the little details (har har) as I always do, and I'm having a difficult time figuring out what make and model would be most typical for concealed carry during the 1950s. I know a decent amount about machine guns and sniper rifles, but little to nothing about pistols, and my searches have not been fruitful. My main character is male, in his fifties, and essentially a businessman type, if that is any consideration.

Searched: Pistols + 1950s, history of pistols, concealed weapons + 1950s (which just got me a lot of laws), guns + 1950s (hoping that an expanded search would lead to something), history of concealed weapons.

ETA: Information about character/location that I neglected to put in the post: He lives in an invented city, but I'd say the city is closest to a big city in the United States, like New York or Chicago. No military or law enforcement in his background, but his father was in the military. He is extremely well off, so money would not be a consideration.