July 1st, 2010

A Few Last Questions About New Orleans Slang?

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I apologize in advance if this violates any community rules, but I saw nothing specific when I checked before I posted. Thank you again, everybody.

Edit: As a side note, I've also heard that Louisiana in general handles its legal problems by parish and that the court systems there are different than in other parts of the country. Googling 'Louisiana court system' didn't give me much info, so if anyone can make a general explanation, it would be appreciated. Also added a detail or two about character information.
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Football in the Third Reich


Setting: a small town in Bavaria, at the very beginning of the Nazi occupation and dissolution in 1933.

Searched: Football in Nazi Germany, various luminary footballers of the period, history of the German National Team

The scenario: Occupying SS and Wehrmacht soldiers playing a pickup game outside the town. One of the soldiers, Klaus, is rather good at the game, enough that the other players and bystanders remark on it. He says he used to be in the Youth league. He is, however, a soldier now, and thinks that he should stick with that instead of trying to get into a local club. Someone (who doesn't want Klaus to be a soldier) mentions that if Herberger were to see Klaus play they might be able to arrange something.

The Question: I really do not mean to sound trollish, but: What was Hitler's favored regional football team? I need it for a throwaway "Yeah, as if I'd want to play for the [[Hitler's team]] when [[his personal regional team]] could kick their asses."

Thanks so much for your help!


ETA: You guys are all awesome, and I am working on changing the date of the story and doing additional research. Seriously, you rule, and thank you.

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British Police Approach to an Ongoing Assault

Setting: modern day London

I have two male characters in a BDSM relationship. The Dom is a brunet and the sub is a blond. One night while acting out a scene/some violence, they accidentally leave open a few windows due to earlier heat, and a peeking neighbor sees what she thinks is an attack/abuse and calls the police.

In the end, I plan for it all to be cleared up, the BDSM explained and such. But, in order to get to that point...

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motels of middling quality in the LA area

I apologize, because this is one of those questions I wouldn't even really know how to google in the first place...

Setting: Los Angeles and the surrounding area, early 2000's

I have two characters who are looking for a motel where they can have sex away from the interference of roommates and parents. I don't want somewhere that's a rent by the hour type where there's going to be hookers and dealers next door, but nothing elaborate either. Something very simple but clean and reasonably safe, preferably with room doors that open to the outside rather than a lobby (they're a bit paranoid about being seen together).

I don't need the name of a specific motel, but I'm wondering if there's an area in or around LA where one would reasonably expect to find places like this?

Thanks in advance!
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Anon post: long-term effects of inflicted injuries

Note for poster: I rejected your post asking for the details to be put behind an LJ-cut, but LJ is having email notification issues right now so that may be why you didn't get the notice. I'm rejecting the second post you put into the queue for the same reason, and posting it so that you don't have to wait any longer.

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Nazi Aproved Sex-Changes

This isn't something I'll write for a while yet, and I somewhat doubt there'll be any success, but I thought I'd give it a try.

I'm interested in writing about a Transsexual during the third Reich. I became interested in this after doing a lengthy research project on this topic, and I ran into something very odd: there was an allowance in the law for a judge to approve a sex-change operation (the Nazis were very against the operation). However, specific information on this is elusive. I have no idea how to get a hold of the laws themselves to directly review them, and even more importantly, I don't know if this every actually occurred, just because it was possible. I've never even found an account of a practicing transsexual from the time period, just people who lived at the time but practiced before or after. If I write this, though, I need to know exactly what it would have been like to have had an approved sex reassignment surgery during the war.

To clarify, the information I need is very specific. I know a great deal about the operation itself, the greater social situation, etc... I need to know 1. was anyone ever really allowed to have one, and 2. what would their interaction with the state have been like (papers, police inspections, incarceration, etc.)

I've done Wikipedia searches as well, which gives only surrounding information about the procedure before the war and the Nazi response to it. I've also been through a lot of historical documents and histories of Transsexuality. Here's hoping someone's got better resources than I do!

Treatment in/discharge from UK hospital c1990

Setting: Southern England (non-specific) in a fictional large town. Early '90s - about '90-'92ish?

I have a character who was admitted to hospital by ambulance having been attacked in the street. I don't need specifics on most of his injuries, but he does receive a slash or stab wound to the lower abdomen - nothing too serious (I can be a bit hand-wavy). Whilst he's in hospital it's discovered that his chest infection (which he's been ignoring) is a reasonably severe case of pneumonia. And I have two questions:

The bit I'm stuck on is his discharge from hospital. I want him to be kept in for one night, then released. But I've never been in hospital overnight, and I don't really know how lots of bits work. I need to know what they'll do about giving him drugs (he's been prescribed painkillers and antibiotics for the pneumonia) when he leaves - obviously they could give him a prescription like when you go to the doctor, but is this what happens? Or do you actually get given drugs to take home, no need to go and fetch them from a pharmacy? Would it be usual to have a pharmacy in a reasonably sized hospital? Ideally I want him to have to go and fetch them and pay for them/give proof that he doesn't have to pay (which he doesn't have) as usual (because he won't). (Googling 'discharge from UK hospital' and similar doesn't give me specifics, just that it should be ensured patients have their medication...but I didn't know if that meant medication or prescription.)

Secondly, just to complicate matters, he's homeless. Can the hospital discharge him, knowing he has nowhere to go? I've Googled 'being discharged from uk hospital' and seen some information suggesting they can't unless they know he has somewhere to stay. So does that mean that there's someone at the hospital (some sort of social worker?) who would try to find him a place in a hostel, or some other emergency accommodation? I can only find more recent information, from Googling 'UK homelessness hospital discharge' and similar - which suggests it shouldn't happen, but does. He has absolutely nothing - just the clothes he stands up in, no money, no possessions. There's a news story about a man last winter being discharged wearing only pyjama trousers, with nothing else, so I guess it does still happen, but I'd like to know how they try to prevent it.

Any help on either of those questions gratefully received, thanks!

Do Cadavers Float in Old Suitcases...?

Setting: A river runs through here
Date: Sometime in the 1920s
Search Terms: Much on bodies in suitcases (always useful), usually from newspaper or news articles, but very little on whether the era's rather bulky, heavy suitcases would do the same...

Not too complex a question and one I could simply cover with writer's fiat, but I'd rather know in full before fudging the details: a suitcase bobs down a wide, and very busy, city-bisecting river. Washed up on a patch of waste-ground, it is subsequently opened and found to contain the mutilated body of a young woman. She's been dead less than a day, her body not yet started decomposing. The corpse (is hopefully) quite dry, though that's not a necessity since she'll be cleaned up during the postmortem examination.

So: would a large, Edwardian-era suitcase float downriver with a body in it? Would such floating only occur after decomposition (in which case I could possibly move her death back a day or two, but I'd rather not)? What about the body itself; would a solidly built suitcase leak, leaving our body merely soggy, or would it flood and lead to a chemical and effluence soaked corpse?

Any other details on suitable luggage brands or knowledge of how suitcase-bound cadavers react or are reacted to would, of course, be greatly helpful!

Thanks in advance...