June 30th, 2010

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British Uniforms during War of Austrian Succession

I'm looking for images of the British uniforms during the War of Austrian Succession.

So far, I've been googling combinations of War of Austrian Succession, British, Uniforms, 1700s. I had some better luck looking at depictions of the Jacobite Rising of 1745, but these are mostly depictions of fighting, I'd love to have pictures or descriptions of materials used, detailing, etc.
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Soldiers reading material during World War I

Yes, it's me again (you must be getting rather fed up of my incessant questions). Sorry about that. You'll all probably know by now I have been working on a story set during World War I and have once again come up against a brick wall that Googling is not helping me with: my main characters is on leave from the Front line. He is an educated officer, so is rather clever - what books would he have been reading at this time, what books would he have had with him at the Front?


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Can a coroner also be a toxicologist?

I gather that toxicology is a specialized field, but in a small rural American county, is it likely - or even possible - that a coroner would also be a toxicologist, and therefore have the resources/knowledge to analyze deadly chemicals?

I can have him ship it off to a lab if need be, but instant gratification is just so much more...instant.

Searched "coroner toxicologist" etc. and read up on both professions, but can't find anything about how they might intersect - if at all.