June 29th, 2010

Corlionis: Isabella

Layout of Saks Fifth Avenue

Setting: Manhattan

Time: August 2013

Research done: Googled "Saks Fifth Avenue New York women's department", "Saks Fifth Avenue New York layout", Yelp.com's Saks Fifth Avenue reviews. Got this, which indicates shoes are now the eighth floor, and this, which is outdated if shoes are indeed now on the eighth floor.

Questions: What, exactly, is the layout of Saks Fifth Avenue? Which department is on which floor? If shoes are indeed now the eighth floor, does that mean everything that was on the eighth floor is now split between the fourth and sixth? Specifically, our characters are shopping for: men's suits, ties, and dress shirts; women's casual and businesswear, including casual skirts, business-appropriate skirts, business-appropriate dresses, casual to semi-casual dresses, blouses/button-down shirts, and women's pantsuits; women's shoes; and women's jeans/denim.

And can Saks sales staff accept tips without management coming down on them? (Did a quick Google on this one, but experience is probably more telling. Plus, Google didn't really turn up anything.)

Courtroom Procedure

Hi. I've looked all over google and I can't find what I'm looking for and it's stressing me out. What is the court procedure when a trial begins? I know a sheriff looking guy says something about the People vs. _______ (defendant) and the judge comes in and all that. How exactly does it usually go in the average court trial in modern day United States?

Google keywords include: court transcripts, law and order transcripts, trial transcripts, court procedure, trail procedure

Edit: I just now had the presence of mind to ask my sister who has been to court a few times. Duh! Thanks anyways!

poison in fifteenth-century england

Hi all. I've looked through the entries for middle ages and medicine: poisons and can't find answers relating to this so:

I have a character who has injuried resulting from torture. he uses a medicinal herb to relieve the resultant pain.

He wishes to poison two people by adding something to their wine so they are paraylsed or otherwise unable to stop him from stabbing them.

Ideally, I'd like the poison to be quite fast-acting (minutes) in it's first symptoms. One of the two men has to die and the other needs to survive. Doesn't matter if the poison is what actually kills the victim or if he dies of the stabbing but I don't want there to be very much blood as this is one of the hints for the MC that it wasn't the "duel to the death" that it's supposed to look like.

My setting is 1400s England, specially Yorkshire. My idea is that the murderer will nick what he needs from the Yorkminster herbalist, as he's part of Edward IV's household and therefore resident in the minster buildings for a day or two. It's May, if that has any bearing.

hope someone can help - googled "poisons" and "medicines" and "plants" and "herbal" in various combinations but there's so much individual detail that it's hard to filter it so I was wondierng if someone alreadyt has the knowledge I need!

thanks all