June 24th, 2010


If you needed Child Labour information from the turn of the last century

In neighborhood of Maple Mill, Dillon, S.C. Lawrence Faircloth (taller boy) "Don't know how old I am." Been in mill 2 years. Runs 3 sides Albert Bartlett (barefoot) Looked 8 years old. In mill 2 years--Beginning to spin. Runs 2-1/2 sides = 25 cents a day.

Lewis Hine took a large number of photographs of children working in various places in the US, many of them well under age. The photos date from around 1908, and the children working range from 3 years to 17. No, that is not a typo.

It's a set on Flickr, and would be useful for stories where you're wondering how much a paperboy earned (and what would be a reasonable tip for a messenger), whether to send your orphan girl into the mills, or what the children of immigrant farmers would do.

Destroy it with fire!

I hope writing for pen and paper campaigns fall under the umbrella of this journal.

Here's the situation: Let's say you're in a building. It's made out of stone. And you kill, I don't know, maybe about two dozen people in that building. And there's just blood everywhere. You roll like that because you're a maniacally evil magic-flinging sorcerer and your brutal magic pulverizes anything you want. Now you're trying to hide the evidence in a hurry, specifically the blood. The bodies aren't a problem, you can get rid of those. But you don't have time to scrub the walls. Would incredible amounts of fire evaporate and/or destroy most of the blood splattered on the stone? It's okay if there's some blood left. It just has to be greatly reduced. Would applying grease first help? You can conjure grease onto the walls pretty quickly.

If this is completely impossible, then equally dramatic 'cleaning' methods would make awesome alternative suggestions. You can conjure a lot of destructive powers of nature. You do want to avoid using water to just wash it off for other reasons. Fire would be best. That's just your style.

I know it sounds ridiculous, but this game is pretty ridiculous. I appreciate your help.
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Causes of early neonatal death at full term

I'm looking to flesh out the back story of a character who lost an infant in the first hours of it's life (rather than a stillbirth), after a full term pregnancy. I've gained lots of knowledge, but I feel I need your community help to make sense of things, and to make working it into the back story easier.

What could cause such fatality? Am I going to need to give the character some other medical issues in order for the cause to "work" (which I'm open to doing so)?

Location: Present day, US

Searched: Researched various conditions, including pre-eclampsia, heart defects, low birth weight, premature birth. Also checked tags.

Drunk Driving Assault Charges

The law confounds me.  The setting is present day, Los Angeles, California.  A man is driving a vehicle while intoxicated with his boyfriend in the passenger seat.  Another vehicle hits their car on the passenger side severely injuring the boyfriend.  The accident is the drunk man's fault.  Besides the obvious having his license taken away, what would be the legal consequences for the man who had been drunk driving?  I have googled and wiki-ed 'drunk driving', 'DUI assault' and 'vehicular manslaughter' to no avail.  Any help appreciated. 
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Kansas Mental Hospitals/Admissions/Solitary Confinement Cells

Hey guys! Glad I found you. You are just who I was looking for.

Here's a few questions for you!

Do any of you have any idea what the process is for being admitted into a mental hospital in Kansas?

Could you find me any info on what the rooms would be like? Furnishings and things like that?

I also need info on what a solitary confinement cell would be like in this sort of place.

If it helps, my character is a VERY low-risk patient. He has delusions, but almost all the patients in that particular mental hospital do.... it's part of my plot line that most of them have delusions.

I googled "mental hospital rooms, Kansas mental hospital admissions, solitary confinement cells, solitary confinement procedures, Kansas mental health procedures."  It didn't turn up much to help me with any of this.

Thanks for all your help!!!

Edit: This is modern day, in case that helps!