June 22nd, 2010

Western Era Safe Cracking

You guys came through better than I'd ever hoped on my last question, and fast, so here's another. Probably a lot harder, but I may be wrong. I need information and references for Old West safe cracking.

I have images of modern kits, and I know there's a few places out there that will describe how they're used to a point, but I doubt they're really period. This won't be something I really need for a while, but I know I'm going to need it eventually.
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Immigration and Foster Care

My main character's family moved to [Generic Medium Sized City] in the US from [Generic Countryside] Russia. If they were not citizens, but were in the country legally, what would happen if his teachers suspected the parents of abuse? If the family is reported to social services?
I need him and his younger brother to be put into foster care, but I don't know if it's possible for them to be taken away if they're not citizens. What is the policy on this? If necessary, I could have had them gain citizenship, but for later plot reasons, it would be easier if they aren't.
The story takes place in a modern day city in the US (I'm imagining Boston, but I never say specifically so that doesn't really matter). The character is around 8 or 9 when he moves to the US, and is 13 or 14 when he's taken from his family. The story takes place when he's 19, out of the system, but I need to know this for back story (kind of a big part of his history).

I've searched for various combinations of "foster care" and "immigrant" but the results are all about illegal immigrants. I'm not exactly sure what to search, so even suggestions for searches that might be helpful would be nice. Thanks!
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Days of the week that dates fall on

I expect this is a subject that has come up before, but does anybody know a website where I can type in a date and it will tell me what day of the week that date fell on? 
I typed 'days of the week that dates fall on' into Google, because I didn't know what else to search... I guess this is a little clumsy. It came out with a lot of things about a 'perpetual calendar' and some formulas... very confusing!
I'm writing a novel that includes diary entries written in England in  August 1810, so I need to know what days these dates fell on.
I hope this makes sense, and thanks in advance for your help!
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What to do when your book store is broken in to?

Location: A book store in Brooklyn, present day
Scenario: A 911 operator recieves a call from a secuirty guard. Earlier in the night, he was hit on the head from behind, and fell unconscious. When he came to, the store in question had been vandalized, especially the "Employees Only" areas. The vandalizer(s) have since fled the scene. The store is on rented property.

My question is: What would emergency services do? I'm assuming that they would send both a medical worker and a police officer, and that the police officer would take the security guard's statement and pictures of the crime scene and such, but I can't find any confirmation on that. Also, would they contact the renter, or the owner, or both?

Searches tried: Various combinations of "burgurlay" "break-in" "alert" "police" and "procedures".

(The bookstore has a secuirty guard because of the Stargate-type thing being hidden in the basement, in case you were wondering. But the policemen aren't going to find that out.)

How is bloodlust caused?

Setting: Present U.S. Girl is being forced to take anabolic steroids which result in bloodlust.

 Bloodlust, or EXTREME anger or aggression, can be a side effect of steroids. as I said above, steroids cause it, but what in the drug makes it happen? is it the person who angers them, or the drug making them lash out?

I Googled how is bloodlust actually caused, and came up with WoW splls and things. Odd.

Thanks in advance.


Unsigned band/Wedding&Cover band/Being pretty poor.

Setting: Now, USA. (City not mentioned, but sort of based on Seattle)
Research: Live covers, copyright, wedding bands, cost of living (in Seattle and elsewhere)

My story is about a four-member unsigned band (all in their early 20s). They're popular enough in their area, enough to get an okay amount of low-paying gigs in their city and in some of the nearby ones, but they're probably never going to 'make it' without some serious luck (though of course, they don't know that.) So most of the gigs they play would be weddings/reunions/corporate parties where they're playing covers.

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heightened blood acidity

I'm writing a modern story, set in the U.S during of a pandemic of a virus that raises the acidity of the blood and subsequently erodes the sufferer's organs slowly. Most are quarantined while few are kept alive with basic solutions for experimental purposes.

Through various research on blood acidity, I've found that many types of bacteria live in more acidic environments, blood pH is normal at 7.4 and many causes and symptoms of acidic blood.

My question is: What in the body would be affected first by such a disease? Where would we be most sensitive to acidic erosion?

additional info: The virus is airborne, starting as a lung irritant that enters the body through oxygen intake.
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California rules on stripping and if strippers have contracts with certain places

I'm writing a story where one of the main characters is a stripper and I've been searching through a lot of stripper blogs so as to write the profession correctly and respectfully.

Setting of Story: San Francisco, California. Modern times.

Search words I've tried: California stripper laws. California stripping laws. Stripper rules California. And so on....

Blogs I've gone through: this, this, and there were a few more but unfortunately my laptop accidentally got turned off and I hadn't bookmarked those. If anyone has suggestions to other excellent stripper blogs, that would be great too!

I have a few questions on two aspects of stripping that I seem to have trouble looking for within all the blogs I've tried looking in.

1. From what I understand, states differ on how far a stripper can go with their routine, right? Like, if you flash your genitalia in some places, you can get thrown in jail. What I like to know is what are the specific laws California has on stripping?

2. My other question is how strippers work in the clubs. Do they sign on to a specific place they work in for a certain amount of time? Or are they independent and go to different places to offer their services? Is there a contract involved?
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FBI and Drugs, Drugs that cause deep sleep

First-time poster! This place is awesome. :3


Genre: paranormal/psychological thriller
Searched: I really don't have any idea what to search for the first question, but I did search "depressants", "sleep-inducing drugs" on Google and did a little looking into different depressants on Wikipedia.
Situation: An FBI agent gets busted for having/doing drugs. I'm thinking something like coke would be okay for the initial bust. What legal action would be taken against him? I don't need a lot of in-depth stuff, just basic "how long will he be in jail, etc." sorts of things. Later on, he's back on drugs, but I need it to be something that will make him sleep deeply. Heroin seemed like a good choice, but I honestly don't know much about drugs in general.

ETA: Thank you so much for your responses! They were a lot of help. :)