June 18th, 2010

PTSD questions

Are there many people with combat-related PTSD who still lead productive lives, and who are perhaps only moderately affected? Maybe even people with this, who still serve? What would this look like? What degree of symptoms would they have?

Would it be possible for the spouse/partner of such a person, to not have noticed the symptoms until they had been with the person for a while?

Is it possible that at least some of the symptoms would fade over time, with treatment?

I ask this because the information I've googled while researching this character, seems to describe people who are experiencing a very great deal of impairment in their day to day lives than this character experiences. He has impairment... just not to THAT degree...
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Forms of address between social peers, 18th Century Germany

How would two men from Hesse-- good friends, both of the same social standing-- address each other informally in the 1770's? When speaking with each other privately or in the company of other close friends, would they use each other's first names? Last names? Titles?

They are both in the lower nobility (barons or freiherrs). Character A has just lent Character B a considerable amount of money-- would being indebted to Character A change the way they address each other?

I seem to be only coming up with discussions of 'du' vs. 'Sie,' and formal manners of address.

Wiki article on German names; German forms of address, German manner of address, German style, German use of first names, and various permutations thereof.

1977: The Punk Era In London??

Okay, so I'm writing a novel right now about a teenager growing up in the late 70s in London, aka the Punk era...I just wanna know if anyone has lived through that time and has any details they can fill me in on. Like at one point my character is living on the street and yeah I wanna know what living on the street would be like during that time. Can anyone help me?
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Compulsive Liars and Cheating

 Hello everyone! I just joined the community. I have to admit, i don't write much but i had an idea or something and i feel like i have to do it.

I am a psychology student, so i know a bit about the subject, but have never studied compulsive/pathological/chronic lying in much detail. My question is this: Do compulsive liars cheat (i.e. on academic tests) any more than the general population? My thinking is no, as the lies seem to be mostly in conversation. My idea involves about a person who is a compulsive liar and has just entered university, but i am wondering whether it would even be an issue insofar as test-taking or essay writing goes.

Of course, if the character DID cheat (as people often do) and got caught, THEN the lies would become a problem, i'm sure. But in any case, are compulsive liars any more likely to cheat than the general population?