June 17th, 2010

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Archery in the 12th Century

I'm writing a fanfiction which will centre around a complete beginner, a time traveller, learning archery in Sherwood Forest. I think Robin Hood was based in the 12th century, but there's a chance given the hour of the morning I have my dates wrong. Richard the First was around 1193 if memory serves, and Robin was supposed to fight with him in the Crusades, so that helps with the timing. Anyway! I was wondering if anyone knew the following in regards to my question: Thank you in advance for your help :) I've googled "archery in the 12th century" and "Robin Hood archery".
  • The kind of wood and the material typically used in the strings of twelfth century bows
  • How large/small bows generally were either in Robin Hood's band, or 12th Century England in general
  • How quickly a new bow could be made, and in simple terms how
  • How Robin Hood would be likely to teach, given limited equipment
  • The ease a 5"3/4 woman, appearing to be in her early twenties, and very lithe, would have in supporting the bow
  • If feathers were put on arrow shafts by the 12th century



Chinese New Year 1863

First-time poster, so I hope I don't break any rules:

early 1860s China (mostly Hong Kong and Beijing, to be precise)

I need to know when the Chinese New Year was celebrated in 1863. The calendars I found so far only go as far back as 1900. I suppose it must have been somewhen in January / February.
I searched for "chinese new year 1863", "chinese new year", "chinese calendar" and "chinese new year 19th century".
i believe in sherlock holmes

Jaguars in New York Zoo?

My story is set in 1943 in New York, and it's Urban Fantasy with shapeshifting and stuff. One of the guys can turn into a black jaguar, South American if that matters. But, I wonder if any of the New York Zoos had a black jaguar at this time. I've tried to look at their homepages, and I can't find any zoo that have one now, and google doesn't say anything helpful.

  The only thing I did find was "Senor Lopez", a jaguar living in the lion house around 1906, but seeing as jaguars live about 20 years, I don't think he lived during the 40s.

Help would be very welcome!

Sepsis from gunshot wound

Setting, 1980's Cambodian jungle.  Hero has been making his way "in country" up the Mekong and through the jungle for about a week, so can be assumed to be rather grungy and wearing not particularly clean clothing.

Hero is shot twice, once in the shoulder shattering his collarbone and doing some damage to nerves and a vein, and a second time a bit lower, puncturing the lung.  He receives almost immediate aid from someone with some medical training (former cop who served a remote area) who has access to a fully supplied doctor's bag packed for such an emergency and also has a doctor giving instructions via radio.

It takes at least 1-2 hours to get the hero to an actual doctor, and another couple hours to reach a hospital where he is operated on.

One of the wounds becomes septic to the point where he almost dies, but eventually recovers.

Note that there is one complicating factor.  Several years earlier, his spleen was removed (ruptured in an explosion).  My research tells me that this would make him more susceptible to malaria (yes, he's taking appropriate anti-malarials) but I've been unable to determine if it would affect the possibility of a systematic infection.

My questions -

How rapidly could the infection develop, and just how fast can he go from "he lost a lot of blood, but he should be fine" to "he's going downhill fast"?

Once they find the right antibiotics, how quickly would he respond to them?

I have googled and searched every web site I can find, and I've gotten lots of info on symptoms, treatment, various antibiotics, etc - but I can't seem to find anything about time - either becoming infected or recovering.  Also nothing on whether the lack of a spleen would have any impact.

Thanks for any possible assistance.