June 15th, 2010

Weight gain after long-term near-starvation

search terms: weight gain after starvation (with and without "intial")
time: 15 or so years from now, place probably irrelevant

I just want a brain check here. Our Heroine is 16, 4'11", and (initially) 75 pounds. She's never really had enough to eat for, well, most of her life. Now, she does. How likely is it that she gains ~5 lbs after her first week of good food? If it seems wildly off, what would be more realistic? (she's avoiding eating herself sick, but *is* trying to make up for lost time, a bit)
eta: she's got a pretty skinny overall build. At her present height, I'm imagining she'll probably end up 85 lbs or so once she's had enough to eat for a while. Maybe 90 or 95 once she grows those 2 extra inches and builds up more muscle.

working in a thrift store

SETTING: Average-sized thrift store located in America- specifically, California/Arizona
SEARCHED: Thrift-store working on Google, thrift stores on Wikipedia, Google, Google Images, and Yahoo! search

I just need to know average day-to-day things about working in a thrift store. I've never worked in one and I haven't been to one in a while, so I need to know a lot. (It's just one store, not a chain.)

*In a small to medium-sized store, how many people would be working on an average day, and how long would the store be open? Would they just be working at the register or helping people in the store, as well?

*Are employees paid? Would an average store keep all the money they receive or donate part of it to charity?

*From my research I've seen pictures of clothing on racks with signs displaying the cost (ex. "women's shirts- $1.50") so do the workers actually use registers, or what?

*For an average store (other than Salvation Army, etc.) do they only sell clothing, shoes, and accessories? If not, what else do they sell?

Those are the only specific questions I can think of. If you know of anything else that would help me, I would really appreciate it :)
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Annoyingly Specific History Question

Does anybody know any good print or online resources for life in America from the late eighteenth to early nineteenth century? I'm kind of specifically looking for info on how unmarried young girls were chaperoned back then, particularly for traveling. I keep googling relevant terms and not getting any hits that cover what I'm after. I'm sure there must be a huge database somewhere, but my search skills are failing hard today.

This is for a short story that may or may not even get finished, so no time constraints are involved. Any help is appreciated.

Russian Child's Toy

Setting: modern/near future United States (but the character is Russian)

I posted a few days ago with a question for a story I'm working on where one of the main characters is a Russian little boy. (Here's that post if anyone wants a reference.) Said boy has a stuffed animal (a polar bear) that has some plot significance.

Question: Does anyone know of a name that a Russian boy (he's about eight years old) might give to a favorite toy? I'm looking for something along the lines of "Teddy" (every American kid's had a stuffed bear named "Teddy" at one point or another...) or "Nanuk," which I would probably have used if he was American. I looked online to see if there was a word for "polar bear" that I could find a diminutive for, but the closest I could get was "medved/медведь" (just plain "bear") from Google Translate, and I don't know how good a name that would be for a toy.

If there isn't anything that would be polar bear (or just plain bear) specific, I'm open to pretty much any other suggestions. My stuffed animals that are in my room right now from when I was a child include names like "Blizzard," "Fuzzy," and "Soft Kitty;" the character has a triceratops toy named "Tricey." Anything along those lines (but in Russian, obviously) would be wonderful!

(Also, I can't read Cyrillic, so if you have any suggestions could you please include a romanized version? I'd love to see the actual Russian as well, but I'd need the English spelling to know what I'm looking at.)

Search terms I tried: Googled various combinations of "Russian polar bears" and "polar bears in Russia," "Russian stuffed animals," "Russian stuffed animal names," etc. Turned up a lot of results about hunting and climate change, and even more results about Cheburashka dolls, but nothing I could use.

Eta: All set! Thanks guys! :)

Japanese-American teenager who studied Japanese as a foreign language

Setting: Boston suburbs, present day

My MC is a fifth-generation Japanese-American entering high school. When he was a child, his parents decided they wanted a closer connection to Japanese culture, and one of the things they did to that end was to enroll the MC and his younger sister in a school that teaches Japanese on Saturdays.

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