June 14th, 2010


Shoulder Impalement (Abandoned Area situation)

My Fantasy Novel MC is in thier version of the military, and was with her partner (units of two) looking for a person through an abandoned modern day town. (Think half-finished buildings; rebar exposed and all that.) Explosion happens, knocks them both out, and along with the obvious bumps/bruises/other injuries caused by explosions, MC has been impaled through the shoulder and pinned to one of the surviving walls.

Now, knowing that medical help/evac is at least 10-12 hours away, what could be done to try and lessen the damage? I know that the shoulder has to be stabilized, along with making sure the pole isn't going to start moving and cause more damage. Her partner has basic first aid training, but is otherwise hopeless when it comes to medical treatment, and they have one small medic kit with them. Said kit consists of gauze, bandages, medical tape, gloves, painkillers, and the rest of the emergency gear you'd normally find in a first aid kit for military usage. Yes, I'm still looking into that one, too.

Yeah, I know, wierd/awkward question to ask, but this has been one of the major stumbling blocks for this arc of the story. Wiki's article on impalement didn't really help, and Google/Yahoo just gave me the stabilizing of the object/affected area to lessen the bleeding. Frankly, I'm utterly clueless.
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Looking for Breed of Horse

When the Russell Crowe version of "Robin Hood" came out last month, the History Channel had a special about the search for the 'real' Robin Hood. Unfortunately, I can't find any details on the show now.

One segment was about the horses used in the era and I remember the show talked about an everyday breed (as opposed to the war horses), probably about 12-14 hands that had a very fast walk. I think they referred to them as one of the English Pony breeds (ex: New Forest, Dartmoor) but I don't remember which one. I do remember that the gait shown was very quick and distinctive and supposed to be very smooth and they could keep going at this pace for most of the day. It was not a regular walk, nor was it a trot since the riders did not post.

Does anyone have any idea which breed it might be?
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Opening and running a music venue

I'm hoping there might be some legal/buisness/musical types on here to help me out with this one.

Setting: Ohio 2010/11 sort of time (the part of the story I'm asking about is set around August/September 2010, and I'm assuming not a lot will change unexpectedly between now and then.)
Characters: Two guys and a girl, 20 at the start of the story.

My main character wants to open a music venue, she's pretty much filthy rich, so money isn't really a problem in any way shape or form. Turning it into a well run profitable buisness is her long term goal, but she isn't worried if money has to be injected to get it off it's feet and then slowly made back through profit in the long term.

What I want to know is:

1) If her father purchased the deeds, got all the legal paperwork filled out in his name etc, with the intention of letting her largely make the buisness decisions but just with him overseeing it and technically running it because she's not quite 21, and then transfered it over on her 21st birthday, would that be possible. I had it in my head that they were 20, and then remembered drinking age is higher in the states, and well, I'm quite stuborn when I get things into my head so I'd rather keep it if I can. I don't know if the authorities would allow it, when really she's kind of acting manager, even if it's not in the legal sense. It sounds kinda like something that would be iffy but maybe overlooked. If they wouldn't, I can always make her 21.

2) If she was 21, would she be able to employ people who were 20, as long as they weren't behind the bar?

3) What kind of paperwork etc is required for setting up a music venue in Ohio? Obviously there would be a liquor license, some kind of license for live music (I presume) and probably a lot more. I've only been able to find details of UK regulation, or nightclub regulations, which give me an idea, but I'd quite like the specifics.

4) Would you say a ballpark figure of between $239,250 and $837,100 (taken from a nightclub article) is acurate for music venues? Or do the two vary dramatically?

5) If anyone has any experience either booking bands for a venue, or as a band booked for a venue, I'd love to hear how that process was first hand. I have some general info on how it works at my local venue, but I'd like to get a wide variety of experiences so I can get a good feel for the industry on a whole.

Searches on google: various combinations of starting a music venue, music venue start up costs, and running nightclubs.

Thank you! (Appologies for any typos, I've had to borrow a computer for this and me and it do not get along.)
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Chef training and top culinary schools in Spain

The story is set in 2007 in Madrid, but the problem in question concerns some backstory in 2000/2001.

One of the main characters is a chef, and in the back story, he is still in training. Wikipedia tells me that the general route for a chef who aims for a post at the top restaurants is two to four years in a college for the culinary arts, then he graduates to yi>demi-chef</i> or chef de partie.

My questions are as follows: a) Is the above information correct? b) What would be the best catering colleges/cooking schools in Spain - but (important) not in Madrid? Are there perchance any good schools in the Basque country?
(and maybe: c) What would happen if said student chef suddenly abandoned his training in his second year?)

Thank you very very much in advance! Google is rather confusing, if not silent on the topic :(