June 13th, 2010

Red Robin

Hand Injury - Weak Grip - Hand Weakness

I'll try to keep this short.

  • The able-bodied man suffers a permanent weak grip and/or hand weakness because of a hand injury.
  • He receives said injury from the fight against unarmed person.
  • The fight takes place in an abandoned kitchen - the valuable items were looted so I doubt there will be any knives, folks or steel kitchen utensils laying around.
  • He prefers to avoid a hospital if possible. He's wanted by police.
  • He has sufficient medical knowledge although he is no doctor nor nurse. He also has good first kit - it's the marine's first kit.

It has to be something he can treat on himself. The complications are fine if it results in weakness. I realize self-treatment is difficult in this situation with his only good hand. He'll have to manage.

I can't find how a hand injury can cause the permanent weak hand/grip. All I could find is the illnesses and diseases, not physical injury. Is it broken bones healed incorrectly? Tendons? Muscles or nerves? All four?

If it is likely to be a human bite, then how hard bite will be? Maim? Chew/Gnaw, etc?

I'm willing to make him go to a hospital if the injury have to be severe, but I want to avoid this scenario. I don't need the treatments or infection knowledge; I'm sure I can handle these.


From my searches: dog bites, human bites, bitten hand injury, causes of hand grip/weakness, permanent hand grip/weakness, hand injury weakness, went through the little details tags (down to 2007, gave up because I can't find anything even close) and few others I can't quite remember. My apologies if I missed something easy.

The sources I find, they often describe the treatments but nothing on if a sufferer will have any aftereffect. They tend to be complete recovery or damage was too severe. I can't seem to find middle.

The person who does lighting for shows

Los Angeles, present day:

This is a VERY little detail, but I have a character whose job it is to do the lighting for shows (plays, concerts) and requires her to frequently go on the road.  The main story isn't about her or what she does, but I need to know if she would call herself a "Lighting Desinger" or "Lighting Technician" or "Lighting Engineer" or what. 

I've tried Googling all three, but couldn't find an exact answer.  I'm sure there are certain differences between these job descriptions, but I have no idea what they are.  The only important factors are that she makes good money and travels a lot.

killing charms

public school life in victorian england

I need some help with public school life in England in 1800s. More specifically, in 1860s. The best online resource I've found for this so far is Daily Life in Victorian England by Sally Mitchell, but there's still only a few pages on public schools.

I've tried: "public schools in Victorian England", "education in Victorian England", "Victorian England schools".

I just need general information on how to make a slash fic between two boys who went to public school in 1860s authentic. Here are some specific questions I have:

1. According to Daily Life in Victorian England, up to three-quarters of class time was spent on Greek and Latin. English Lit, Science, History, and modern foreign languages were only introduced to the curriculum in 1880s, so did they do any of these subjects at all before 1880s in public schools? Not even a tiny bit? What did they spent the remaining quarter of class time on, then?

2. Was sports wholly compulsory, even for the older boys?

3. I've read and reread that bit about public schools from Daily Life, and I still don't quite understand how the forms worked. I'm assuming 1860s would be after they had abandoned the 'flexible grouping' method mentioned in Daily Life, and introduced the system where the headmaster examines the new boy and places him in the appropriate form accordingly. So does this mean forms had no correlation to age whatsoever? And the examinations they had to take to advance to the next form-- did these examinations always have to take place in the summer or some other 'set time', or could they take it whenever they felt like they were ready? Is the time when you leave school determined by age or by form? As in, could you be in the sixth form for a few years until you were 18 before you could leave school? Or could you leave school once you'd completed the sixth form for a year? Were privileges given according to form or to age? (As in, these 'older boys' who had their own rooms, was that because of their age, or because they were in a higher form?)

4. Did they have female matrons?

5. I've come to believe that my best resource for certain details and the general atmosphere of public school life may in fact come from Moab is my Washpot by Stephen Fry, although he grew up a whole century later than the period I'm looking for, seeing as public schools don't appear to have changed drastically in that century from everything I've read so far. To anyone who has read Moab is my Washpot and also knows about public school life in 1800s, would you agree with me?

If anyone has any helpful links to websites that give detailed information on anything concerning public school life in that time period, I would be very grateful. <3

Prostitutes during the fall of the Han Dynasty

I have a character who's a prostitute right around the fall of the Han Dynasty, ~220 AD (just before the Three 'Kingdoms' period). The problem is, I have no idea why or what type of prostitute.

-Are there any jobs/positions that would have crumbled and forced her into prostitution? I like the idea of her being an aristocrat or something similar (or having a job, such as being an artist or something else possibly appropriate for a woman at that time) before chaos took over-- is that plausible?

-Did military prostitutes get paid, or where they mostly there as punishment? What sort of clientèle is most likely for this character-- military, people in charge, other? (again, this is right before the actual fighting starts. Things are just kind of crumbling at the moment)

-Were brothels common during this time period? Was it common for women to run brothels in China during this time? Any other info about brothels during this time I might find interesting?

Anything else you happen to know about daily life around this time would be awesome as well. I've searched every Chinese historical resource I know, which isn't very expansive, and I can't find more than a sentence or two about prostitution during the collapse of the Han Dynasty. Any information on the subject would be great, even in link form! Thanks so much in advance. I feel really stupid, but it's hard to find specifics.
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US military service

I am trying to work out the age and timeline of one of my characters, and what year I can have him bump into someone else... he's had a pretty busy life for someone supposedly still in his twenties and I'm trying to work out how all it fits in.

How long is the minimum service term for someone enlisting in the US army (I'm not sure exactly what year he would have enlisted - I'm working backwards but he would left the about service 3-5 years ago)? He enlisted in Denver (if that makes any difference) at age 18 and canon has him as a former Ranger. I've googled Rangers and army service and get various enlistment sites but they are all strangely coy about how long someone actually enlists for. I think I've heard 4 years somewhere but as I don't know where I'm not sure how accurate it is or if it varies depending on unit etc (or even if that is US army or just British). Does that include the training time or is that extra?

Somewhere in there he needed to do college courses too as his current job has a degree as a minimum requirement. Does getting the army to pay for that increase the service requirements? I may have him doing it after leaving the army, if it doesn't fit it.

How much of that service could be spent in combat? I think the British army only allows 6 month deployment in a war zone with a minimum of 2 years between them, is the US army the same? And are those rules ever bent for certain units?

Lastly I assumed 18 is the minimum age for enlistment but are there circumstances when someone younger couldd sign up.... What sort of signatures and permission would be required etc (the timeline for this is all rather tight).
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Weapon/law enforcement questions

1. If someone were arrested in the process of breaking and entering a business, but refused to answer any questions, what steps would a small-town police force in Washington state take? I assume they would hold and continue to attempt to question him, but he does not have any I.D. on him and won't give his name. Where do they go from here?

2. My female MC's father was a police officer, so she's spent a fair amount of time around armed men. Would she be more likely than the average person to notice that someone is wearing a shoulder holster under a blazer? (This would be a person who's not in a uniform or anything, and not giving any indication that they might be armed.) What would be the tipoff, if any? A bulge? An awkward movement of the arm? Or is it one of those things that's incredibly obvious to everyone? The armed character is used to wearing it, if that makes a difference.