June 9th, 2010

clark and shelby-coming home (Tim Sale)

A history of cats in the Philippines/Southeast Asia

I'm currently writing a story which features a colony of feral cats in Philippine colonial society (under the Spanish), in the early 1800s. I'm trying to uncover a number of things: first, how cats got there (I'm assuming they arrived via trade ships, but it would be nice to have a firm reference), how they were regarded by various segments of colonial society (as beloved pets, as nuisances, pests, whether they carried the same negative associations as they did in Europe).

I've tried the following:
History of domestic cats in the Philippines

Domestic cats in philippine colonial society

I'm...kind of tearing out my hair a little. *g* If anyone could point me to sources, even to the general SE Asia reason, that would be awesome. Maraming salamat (Thank you!) everyone!