June 5th, 2010

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Dropping prepositions in Spanish surnames

Searched "Spanish surnames" and "Spanish naming practices" with variations on Hispanic and South American (and "Spanish particle de" which tells me about the legality of adding it to your name), but that hasn't really given me the information I need. I'm not sure what other terms to use (those terms give me a lot about mothers' and fathers' surnames, which isn't what I need here).

Setting is the United States sometime in the near future, but information about Central and South American practices would also be useful.

If a person has a surname such as "de la Garza", would he ever be referred to simply as Garza? Or would a news account about him always refer to him as de la Garza? I know that such prepositions are dropped in German (Maria von Trapp's book was The Story of the Trapp Family Singers, for example) but I have no idea how this would be treated in Spanish.

This question was sparked by an old Zorro movie in which Diego de la Vega and his father were sometimes referred to as Vega but never (that I noticed) as de la Vega. I realize that Hollywood lies, and vintage Hollywood lies even more, but on the off-chance that that was actually accurate and not an antiquated practice, I figured I'd ask, as I have a couple characters with surnames like this.
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Japanese Internment and Abandoned Apple Orchards around Bangor Naval Base

Googled: various permutations of Japanese internment, Washington State, Bangor Naval Base, etc. Found a lot about the Bainbridge Island Japanese community (which I was already somewhat aware of) but nothing more specific.

My mother told me stories from the time she spent growing up around Bangor (I think the family lived closer to Bremerton, but for a while her father was CO of Bangor, and had been a naval Captain during WWII). One of the images that stuck with me is how Red Delicious Apples used to have flavor, and about how she'd wander through apple orchards in the vicinity of Bangor Naval Base, orchards that I think she said had been abandoned during the war, and eat these marvelous apples from the trees. (Of course the orchards could have been around Bremerton as well. But I thought she said near Bangor.)

I am wondering about the likelihood of these orchards having previously belonged to Japanese Americans who lost their land during the Japanese internment.

My mother's stories were probably more from the mid fifties through early sixties, at a guess. This is for a poem, and I'm not sure how important proximity to the base will end up being, but if anyone has information about Japanese communities in or around Bangor, Bremerton, the Washington Peninsula more generally, and loss of land around internment, I would be quite grateful.

Victorian Honorifics

Edit: Thank you very much for the comments, everyone. I've gotten the info I needed. :)

The story actually takes place in another universe (a country called Destatia, to be exact), but the society very much resembles the Victorian era in England. The scene is basically that another, higher ranked lord A is visiting lord B's house. Lord A brought along his grandson and granddaughter. The grandson is being married to one of Lord B's children, mostly to settle an old dispute that has existed between the two families for a very, very long time. Lord B is desperate to appease Lord A and his family members in order to get the whole ordeal over with. 

Question: What would the servants, Lord B, Lord B's wife and kids call Lord B's grandson and daughter? Would they just call them "Lord so-and-so," or would it be something else?

Research terms: I've entered in "Victorian honorifics, Victorian social rankings, Victorian Lords" and got nothing on google. I've gotten articles having nothing to do with the Victorian age and articles about various other things that I'm not looking for. 

Premodern tattooing methods (1800s-ish)

I'm thinking of writing a fanfic for [community profile] kink_bingo's tattoos/tattooing prompt and I'm having trouble finding any hard info about premodern tools and methods of tattooing. The original work takes place in an AU that draws a bit from different time periods, but I think it's safe to say it's 1800s-ish, slightly before the invention of the tattoo gun. The location has no exact equivalent either, and since the character doing the tattooing is the sort of person who may have come into contact with any number of cultures, I'm quite flexible on what culture any method might have come from.

I've checked wikipedia and it didn't have any specific information, and I've googled a number of permutations of words like tattoo, 1800s, method, ink, needles, tools. I also checked the tattoo tag on this comm, and while one person asked a similar question, I'm looking for less haphazard tattooing methods.

I need to know things like what kind of tools might be used and how, and if there are any limitations on colors of ink that could be used. I'd also be useful to know if this character, who is a professional and accomplished artist, could make a really nice looking tattoo if she's only done it a few times before (it would be a fairly simple and small tattoo).

eta: Thank you very much for all the replies! They have been very helpful. I think I have some ideas to go on now, although if anyone else has info to add, it would be most welcome.
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Filing police report by a witness to assault

I've tried Googling 'police report press charges, 'can a person file police report no charges pressed' and variations thereof.All I get are lots of links to Yahoo! Answers and I'd trust then about as far as-- well, I just don't trust those answers. I've also searched the tags here and gotten nothing that pertains to my situations. So here goes.

My setting is present day Florida and my MC has had an unsolicited, unexpected visit from her drunk ex-husband. Theirs was not an amicable divorce. MC is alone at home, save for a large dog that she shuts inside the house while she goes out to talk to ex. They argue, him being drunk makes him lose his temper and he attacks her, with the intent to rape her. She manages to knee him in a delicate area and her next door neighbor (and soon-to-be love interest) shows up to intervene.  MC has to be restrained by neighbor at this point because she wants to attack her ex. Neighbor calms things down, sends ex on his way with a warning to go away and not come back. They both can hear the car reach the road (sorry, property is in rural area and they can't acually see the road, or what happens) and sounds of an impact, breaking wood and then the sounds fade as the car drives away. (Later, the neighbor's mailbox is found destroyed and tire ruts in his lawn.) At last, the question! Can the neighbor call the police, report the property damage and give his statement about the assault, even if the MC doesn't want to press charges? The ex lives five hours away and the MC just wants to be left alone about the situation. Can this be done so that there is a record of the attack, even if no arrest is made? Or would the police find the ex and question him? The ex has a history of being an ass to the MC, but not of violence toward her. Also, how would the neighbor contact the ex about damages to his property. It's not that he needs the money, he's more about making a point to the ex about responsibility. The ex is an attorney himself, so he would be aware of just how deep a hole he has dug for himself.

Help? And thanks!