June 2nd, 2010

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Blackout contacts- actual condition?

This is a strange question, I know. But I've had a lot of luck with this community and can't find anything that I'm sure is legitimate through google.

This link is safe for work, and shows what an eye looks like with blackout contact lenses.


My question is this: is there a medical condition that could actually make eyes look like this? If a doctor or nurse saw someone with eyes like that, what would they think? Contact lenses or drug use?

If the person in question is a toddler or infant, would the assumption still be the same?

Basically, is there an actual medical condition that causes the above, and what would someone seeing eyes like that assume?


Pregnant Question

Hey guys/gals,
I'm new and I've got one question for you guys/gals. I've Google searched this question first, but I couldn't find an answer or opinion. So I want to see what you guys think.

In one story, I have a nearly full termed pregnant female traveling across a desert. Should I use a camel for her to ride on or a horse? It's not going to be a long ride for her as she gives birth within a day of traveling. The timeline would be around 500 BC ancient Persia setting.

That's my question. Expect to see more from me... probably. >.>