May 18th, 2010

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hangover cure in the 60s?

 My character is a wealthy, upper-class Ivy-League college boy in 1963. It's the morning after a party and he had too much to drink and has woken up with a killer hangover. His friend offers him _______ to kill his hangover. What would he have been offered in that time period? At the moment I have aspirin as a placeholder but I get the feeling aspirin as a hangover cure is a more modern thing. Googling it did not help.

Thanks in advance :)

Falconry in the Medieval period

Search terms: medieval falconry types of birds used, medieval falconry, various species names + medieval falconry, etc.

I've also borrowed a book from a library titled 'Hawks, Falcons, and Falconry'. I have not yet finished reading it yet, but it has more details about modern falconry than medieval.

Setting: a very medieval-like fantasy setting. It isn't based on one specific country or one place, though, or at least, I don't think it is. It's for a roleplaying game.

I've got a lot of general information now and know what type of hawk my character will probably use (Goshawk), but I still have some questions that are almost too specific to find the answers to.

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PDAs between male friends in mid 18th century France

Time: 1759
Place: Paris

With what kind of gesture and level of physical intimacy would a young artisan (clockmaker, inventor) say his final goodbyes to a male mentor/friend with whom he has worked closely for months? (hug, kiss on the cheek, bow, or just wait for a fatherly pat on the shoulder?)
The young man (25) isn't a noble, but he's reported to have been introduced to the British court not a year later (showing off his inventions and musical skills) and then went on to make friends with a couple of British writers and musicians, so I figure he probably has relatively good manners. He's also a bit reckless and impulse-driven, though.
The older mentor (40-ish) isn't from this culture, has zero problem with PDAs in general and no homophobic hangups. He will literally go with anything the other initiates. Or he'd most likely bear-hug him if that's okay in this culture.

I honestly don't know how to google this. I'm hoping people who are familiar with the period from books and movies can give me some pointers on what would be appropriate.