May 14th, 2010

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Procedures for running an exhibition and visual references

Time: 1872
Place: London, England

We have a gent who is wanting to set up a temporary exhibition of mechanical wonders and automata, available for perusal by the public for a nominal fee of course.

1) Where would be a likely and popular place to do so in London?
2) What would have been the average fee were he to rent out this place?
3) What would he charge the public?

To make things even more complicated, I also need some good visual references for illustrations. So far the London Pavilion seems to be a strong contender but did they have areas there to rent for such a purpose? 

have tried various Victoriana websites and googled " popular exhibition areas london "
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Concussion and Temperature Sensitivity

Setting: Typical Medieval Fantasy World

Explanation: A young boy was knocked out in a cold cave, and when he woke up, he had most of the symptoms of concussion. My question is, assuming he isn't dangerously hypothermic, could his concussion affect how cold he feels?

Search Terms: I googled "Concussion" for the general symptoms of concussion, and searched for "temperature AND concussion", which got me a load of results on body temperature. I tried a service that looks through published journal articles, with no luck. When I tried "Concussion AND "Temperature Sensitivity", all I got was a rather vague "Wrong diagnosis" page.
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English-Croatian Translations

Can anyone help me out and translate a few phrases into Croatian?

I'm looking for

"Gun!" (in the instance of seeing someone brandish one in a crowd)

"Out the back" (as in, we need to run in that direction)

and "Does this place have a basement?"

I apologise if I'm being stupidly specific with the first two, but I know nothing about the language and figured context might help with translation.