May 10th, 2010

sheldon woe

Civil War trivia/little known detail

Setting is today, one character is a history buff who knows a lot about the American Civil War era, the other character is a vampire who actually lived through it. The scene involves them kind of geeking out over either a) a small, nitpicky bit of civil war trivia they would be watching in some kind of TV special, or b) pointing out some historical inaccuracy in a movie or series. The problem with finding a good inaccuracy is that these guys wouldn't be watching something half-assed, so it would have to be an inaccuracy in something generally top notch. If you have an actual example, I will give you an internet cookie.

Search civil war trivia, civil war little known facts (both of which bring up a lot about officers nicknames, wth), civil war movie inaccuracies, civil war series inaccuracies, civil war series nitpicks/nitpicking, and any other possibly combination of those terms.