May 7th, 2010


MTFtrans/Drag-queen slang, London, 1940-1970.

I'm in the process of my fic for lgbtfest; it's a story about L-O-L-A Lola from the Kinks song, from her point of view. I have my angle on it, and I'm loving it so far, but I want to know if anyone here knows good sources on the slang of the time or, ideally, any personal accounts about daily queer/trans culture in that period. (Backstory: I've decided she is much older than the naive protagonist of the song, and that she survived the Blitz as a pubescent child and decided to carpe diem after that.).

Have googled: queer history london, queer slang london 1950s, queer slang london 1960s, genderqueer london history, glbt london history 20th century.

Joint tenancy with right of survivorship

I looked up JTWROS and other co-ownership types on Google and Wikipedia, but didn't get any answer to my real question. I was hoping someone could help me out?

My story is set in present-day South Korea. Two of my characters are co-owners of a hotel, by Joint Tenancy with Right of Survivorship. The thing is they're not on the best of terms, so co-owner A wants to give the other a hard time. Is it possible for A to break the arrangement and manage to pass his share over to a third party, via his will? If so, how can B prevent that from happening?

Thanks in advance!

legal/contract question

Hello, I have a legal question regarding at what point a contract is considered to have been properly executed. In my story I need there to be a conflict between two parties regarding whether one can hold the other to a contract (written by one of the parties, not by a lawyer). I know this varies state to state but was wondering if there are any overriding statutes that apply anywhere. Also, I could change the locations if there is a state that has laws that would make it work. Here is the exact situation as I started to write it:

It is a sales contract between two parties for an expensive item. During negotiations the seller emails and faxes an as yet unapproved contract to the buyer and in the interest of expedience (should they agree upon it) signs a copy of the contract before doing so (yes I know, stupid seller - that is the point). The last communication between the parties is that the potential buyer has received the contract and is reviewing it - they do not sign it and send it back. In the interim, the seller receives another offer and since they have not gotten confirmation from the original buyer (in the form of a signed contract or exchange of funds) they begin proceedings to enter into a different contract with the new buyer and proceed to notify original buyer that they are not going through with the sale. Original buyer than threatens seller with the contract that the seller has signed but that the buyer has not signed (or at least not signed and returned). Is this contract enforceable - and even if it is not truly enforceable are their sufficient grounds for the original buyer to make enough of a legal fuss that it becomes a problem for the seller.

I have checked some laws but I have not been able to sufficiently decode my findings to reach an answer and I hope some of you all knowing LJers can come to my rescue.

Funerals for US Missionaries (or Something Similar) in a Foreign Country

I would like this story to be modern day but due to the specifics I am trying to work out it might not be possible. If it just seems too unlikely can anyone give me a suggestion for an era where it would make more sense?

My question is, under what circumstances would foreigners choose to bury a child in the country they are currently in?

I am brainstorming a short zombie story set in the Caribbean, a nod to the early tales that spawned today's modern craze. I was hoping to have an American family, a mother and father and an older brother and younger sister, living either on Haiti or another island in the Gulf of Mexico. They are Americans but they are working down there. I am trying to come up with a situation where instead of returning to the states when the boy dies the family remains and buries him there. (For obvious reasons, he needs to be found working as a zombie slave for a bokor later)

I was thinking that maybe they were a political family, or missionaries or there for humanitarian purposes but every time I think that they would return home to bury their son. They could just be living there but I don't want them to be well off and I want the parents to be involved in the culture even if their daughter is not.

Is there any advice you can give me to make this premise seem believable? I am currently trying to figure out how best to search for these sorts of questions but not really having any luck. Books and websites would be appreciated!
a little help

UK senior school day trip to a local beach.

Setting: modern-day England.

I'd like to have a group of teenagers wandering round their local beach for some sort of school-related reason. (Ideally I'd like them to be in year ten or eleven, but can fudge it down to the end of year nine if that's a more plausible age for this sort of outing.) A geography or science day trip seems like the logical answer, but I'm having trouble figuring out exactly what form that would take.

So, can anyone suggest any sort of activity that might plausibly lead to a group of 14 to 16-year-olds trudging about the local beach on school business? Any kind of help with the logistics would also be extremely useful - i.e., would it likely be an all-day trip or just an afternoon/single lesson, would it be a single class or several together, how many teachers are likely to accompany them? Etc.

I've Googled multiple variations on "year nine/ten" + "geography/science" + "[day] trip" + "coast/beach" without any real success.

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To what extent will a black man tan?

The title question says it all.  I have a supporting character who's black, an outdoorsy type, spends a lot of time in the sun.  Will the unprotected areas of his skin be darker in the summer?  Will he get tan lines?

I've made some Googling attempts, and I've come up with a lot of sites discussing racial issues, a recipe for mixing the drink known as a Black and Tan, and some information on Ireland that I mostly already knew.  *facepalm*

ETA:  You folks are awesome.  Thank you!!