May 4th, 2010

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Chinese Generation Names

Setting: Space, 100 or so years in the future in an AU 'verse where Earth got apocalyptized in 2003. There's an interplanetary coalition ruled mostly by China, with a few smaller Asian (both East and West) countries. Currently, there's a big move to hearken back to 'more traditional' ways, as far as culture and naming go, in order to preserve each culture's history. This 'traditional' fashion is really a mish-mash of lots of little things from different eras, so there's room for fudging around.

Question: Some of my characters, of Chinese descent, have generation names. I know Chinese names are either two or three characters, but I'm wondering - how weird would it be to have the surname, generation name, and then two more characters for the given name part? Would there have ever been a possibility of that happening in real life?

Serach terms: Chinese generation names, generation names, Chinese naming conventions, Ming/(Qing) dynasty names/(naming conventions)

Also - would there be anyone willing to help me name my characters? I've got some tentative ones, but I don't want to pick something with weird connotations or that's just plain odd, but I still want them to fit the characters. Also, not all of my characters are Chinese - several are of Vietnamese, Israeli, Turkish, or Russian or mixed race, so any help with those would be cool too :).