May 1st, 2010


Another Question: Who Sold Carriages?

Hi, me again.  I'm trying not to spam the community, and thanks for the enormous list of illnesses and information about inns!

This question is a quickie: in my fic, loosely set in the 1800s, the main character swaps/sells a large barouche-type carriage with four horses for a smaller carriage with two horses.  Would he go to a blacksmith?  A carriage maker?  Thanks in advance!
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Medieval Armor and Weapons - movement and other things

Story setting - Fantasy world roughly based around medieval Europe, about the 13th or 14th centuries as far as war technology is concerned.

I've used google to do quite a bit of research. My questions started coming from books like Le Morte D'Arthur, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and Song of Roland. One site I've looked over, and a video. I've also found several lists with the names of stuff and some pictures, but mostly searching anything about medieval armor leads to replica retailers.

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