April 30th, 2010

Call Code for Firing a Sidewinder

Hello all,

I hope you guys can help me with this small item:

My charachter is an USAF pilot. In this episode he is on a sortie along the Iraqi border flying an F15 Eagle. He engages in a stand off with what he thinks a couple of MIGs crossing over from the inside of the Iraqi airspace and fires his 2 Sidewinders at them, first one then the other.

I've found out that the code word for launching AIM9 Sidewinder type of missiles is Fox Two. However, I am not sure how he would announce to the controller the launch of the 1st  missile and then the 2nd one a short while later. Will it be something like "Fox Two One" then later "Fox Two Two"? if not, how? 

I have searched google ("Fox Two One" doesn't bring up anything of relevance), wiki, about.com military, the links provided by wiki, even youtube and still can not find a similar situation where they would say it.

Thank you very much for helping out!


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Police detective exam

I'm looking for information regarding the kind of questions that might be asked on a police detective exam in the US. I'd like maybe two or three specific examples of possible questions. I've Googled "police detective exam questions" and "samples of police detective exam questions" and just "police detective exam." What I get are examples of questions that might be asked on a police officer exam, not one for potential detectives. I've found a study guide for the police officer exam, but it too is only for uniformed cops.

Can anyone help?