April 28th, 2010

Woman Bathing

Emergency Room procedure

I need a fast-acting, short-lived drug to sedate a violent fifteen year-old to stop him from further injuring himself. My online research led me to Brevital (Methohexital),administered by IV, which a couple sources indicated is often used in this situation on someone my character's age. My editor is suggesting Ativan. But I'm finding Ativan can take up to 30 minutes to act and is not recommended for anyone under eighteen. Can someone make a suggestion?

Navy SEAL Instructor ranks

Google terms: Navy SEAL Training instructor rank, variations of such

I need to know what the normal rank would be for someone who is working as an instructor for Navy SEALs. I found a site that listed people with rank Master Chief as SEAL instructors, but I wasn't sure if I could trust the site.

Also, when talking with a civilian, would he say he's a SEAL instructor or would he use a different term?

Thanks ahead of time!