April 27th, 2010

Event Planning Business - Fundraising events

I've researched "event planning," "event planing business," "fundraising events" and some variations there of but I'm hoping to get some firsthand knowledge if that's possible.

I'm plotting out a fanfic for a show set in New York City - focusing on Manhattan and Brooklyn where the wife of one of the main characters owns her own event planning business. I wanted to do a story that focused on her/her business. Of course I don't know a lot about the event planing business or what kinds of events she might put together. Canon gives us a few hints here and there and judging from the show room (is that the right term?) we see in the season final her events are pretty fancy.

The story I want to do involves her doing a seasonal fundraising event on her own. Would this be something an event plainer might do? The fundraising wouldn't be for her company but for a local charity - my idea was it would be something she started doing every year once her business got up and running as something to give back to the community.

Faux mental illness is physical illness

I'm writing a House AU crackfic set roughly in the 18th century in a country modeled (like so very many) on England, or other European countries.  One of the characters fell prey to a mental illness at the age of thirty, and so he was institutionalized about ten years ago.  Except that it is not a mental illness, it is a physical illness (i.e. The Madness of King George, which was porphyria).  Can anyone suggest an illness with an onset of delusions and other symptoms?  That is curable?

Thanks so much!  I have researched Google and Ask.Com under illnesses, delusions, hallucinations, but I am not sure where else to look, since it's so unspecific.

Also, does anybody know what they would call people who work at inns who aren't the bartenders?  Who unloads the luggage?  I've looked under  "innkeeping,"  "18th century innkeeping" , ask.com  "who works at an 18th century inn?" and every conceivable variation of that question. 

I would be grovelingly grateful to anyone who could answer EITHER of these questions!!!!

ETA: Thank you to everyone who took so much trouble to help me!  I really appreciate it!