April 25th, 2010

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Severe abdominal wound caused by sword

Setting: a medieval-ish fantasy world. Medically, around C16th or C17th Europe, but with a pretty strong "Arabic" influence.
Searched: stomach/abdominal wounds + death + viscera + sepsis + battle etc in various combinations . I read a few accounts of Civil War/Napoleonic War battles/medicine. I also went back through the "medical" tags (and utilised LJ Seek), assuming I wasn't the first person to give a character a gut wound, but found nothing to the purpose. Forgive me if I missed it back there.

I have a character who has just been sworded to the abdomen, in a long, deep wound from his side under his ribs to the middle of his abdomen at the front. He's been cared for by another character who has no medical knowledge beyond what an infantry soldier might have. Thanks to searches, I now have a sense of the extreme unlikeliness that my character would survive this wound, but not how his extremely regrettable death would progress. So what I need to know is:
  1. How much would he be bleeding? What would the other character be observing when he looked at the wound? Blood, torn flesh, pinkish-grey intestines?
  2. If the other character has something vaguely antiseptic, dressings and an opium tincture, and he sort of splashes the antiseptic on the dressing, pinches the wound shut and binds it (then doses the man with opium), how long is the character likely to live? I'm currently looking at his dying within about an hour, but I can go longer. If shorter, what could I change to give the other character the time he needs here?
  3. Was there anything the character could have done, given access to a medieval-ish herbal medicine supplies, that would have improved the man's prognosis? I'm assuming the answer here is probably not.
All help and nudges/shoves in the right direction greatly appreciated!

Getting Signed to a Japanese Record Deal

Setting: Present Day Tokyo
Searched: Japanese Music Industry, Getting Signed to a Music Deal in Japan, Japanese Music Deals, How to Become a Rock Star In Japan, Japanese Music Contract, Succeeding as a Musician in Tokyo

I'm writing a story about a Japanese teenager pursuing a rock career. I haven't been able to find any results on the possible avenues for being scouted (besides the Johnny auditions which I don't think would be appropriate for several reasons).

Does anyone know how an aspiring rock star in Japan would go about getting gigs and then getting signed?

Insomnia symptoms

Question: How does insomia affect the physical performace of the body, hand-eye coordination, levels of creativity, general attitude, etc?

I have a character who may or may not have isomnia. He's quite offish in terms of personality (at least, outwardly), he leads a very busy life and doesn't seem to sleep. Ever. What are the symptoms of insomnia that other people in his daily life would notice? (His roommates in particular) Would he be able to successfully participate in sports? Produce works of art such as paintings?

Setting: present-day Providence, RI.
Searched: insomnia, insomnia symptoms

Thanks everyone :)

Popularity of "Goodnight Moon" Outside North America

I've got two characters, one British and one American, talking in a room with green walls and orange and red furnishings, and the American comments she finds the decor weirdly soothing. The Brit suggests it's because the colour scheme reminds her of "Goodnight Moon," and they move on to talking about the possibilities of subliminal imagery. However I'm now wondering how well-known the children's book is outside of N. America - googling it suggests it has been translated into several languages, but that doesn't necessarily mean it would have the same iconic status for someone outside the U.S.

The setting is thirty years from now, so there's wiggle room, but if it comes to that, I'd rather rearrange the conversation to have the American mention the book.