April 22nd, 2010

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Figure skating rankings transition from junior to senior skater

Okay, I have half an answer courtesy of google.  I'm having trouble with the other half. 

I've found that "A skater or team’s ranking is determined by the number of points accumulated during the current season and the two previous seasons."

Now, if a skater was junior last season, and a senior this season, do the last two junior seasons count towards a seniors rank?  Or are they unranked until they compete as a senior?

Thanks for any help!

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Anon post: USAF officer, on leave, with dependents, 1990, Germany

Hello everybody,

please forgive me for my clumsy English, I am a German Writer and have not had much opportunity to speak English over the last years. I have already tried to find some information by googleing to no result.

The setting is Germany/USA in 1990. My character is a USAF officer (fighter pilot trainer) stationed in Ramstein Airbase, Germany.

My character is on leave, travelling to the US with dependants. I suppose they would be flying on an AF plane. Is that correct? What kind of plane would that be? What are the procedures checking in? Where does one board? Would there be any flight attendants like on commercial flights?

They are supposed to fly to Oahu, Hawaii. Which route would they take? Which stops might there be?

Thank you for any help offered.
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Skating blade as weapon/Kick-heavy martial arts

I'm going to be playing a character in tabletop RPG - White Wolf's Scion, for those interested - who was a champion figure skater before becoming 'Awakened'. Being the son of a god, he has supernatural grace and stamina. He's also able to create ice underfoot, so he can skate anywhere. The idea is that he'll be using his blades as weapons.

My first question is, just how sharp are figure skating blades? I've read about skaters accidentally cutting themselves, and seen the (rather disturbing) video of a pairs skater getting her face sliced by her partner's blade. It's obvious they can draw blood, but how much damage are they actually capable of?

The second question is more for my own understanding: Other than Capoeira, what's another martial art that relies heavily on the legs? Not that there's anything wrong with Capoeira, some of the moves work well with what I have in mind, but there's also a lot of hand-standing which isn't as feasible for my character.
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stargazing in or near new york city

I've tried googling various versions of "stargazing in or near new york city" but all I get is stuff on astronomy clubs and observatories, or info on spotting celebrities.

In my story, two characters who live in Manhattan (upper east side) want to do some old-fashioned stargazing - no telescopes, just laying on the ground and looking up at the sky. As that's probably not going to happen in the city, how long/far would they have to drive to get to a decent view? Would it be possible for them to get to somewhere nice and quiet - maybe some countryside away from any city or town - within two hours? They'll be leaving around midnight on a Friday or Saturday, if that helps traffic-wise.

Reason for discharge: possibly injury to order

Contemporary United States Marine Corps.
Searched Discharges, retention, reason for discharge, medical discharge

During the last century (I love saying that) I would have had him finish his enlistment and any extensions, have a going away party and pack up for home. With two wars going on and what I've been hearing about the struggle to meet personnel quotas I'm not sure they just let you leave at the end of an enlistment. If my character can just leave, then no problem. if not I need to give him some sort of injury that would make him medically unfit for duty but not prevent him from becoming a body guard/ private detective/ hero type running trough the city climbing fire escapes jumping across roof tops. (He's a very very AU Dick Greyson.)

So what sort of things do they send infantry home from the wars for?