April 21st, 2010

Fireflies (or bio-luminescent insects) in Egypt?

Time Period: Early 2000's, Egypt.

I need one of my characters who grew up in Egypt to make a POV analogy to a distant city's lights at dusk as looking like fireflies.  Originally, I planned to have the analogy reference this character's home in Egypt, but then I realized that I don't know if fireflies are common there.  I could find nearby Middle Eastern or African regions that have fireflies, that would also help as I could change the analogy to suit that.

Additional information: Bio-luminescent insects or creatures would work just as well as fireflies.  All I really need are some kind of animal that can group together and be visible / glow at night.

Have tried: googling various forms of "fireflies africa", "fireflies middle east", "fireflies egypt", "bioluminescent insects egypt", "bioluminescent animals locations", and "fireflies locations/fireflies where do they live".  The closest that I can find are those that live in Europe or Eastern Asia.

Thank you for your help!

Count-down to the Cretaceous comet

Setting: Montana, in the last few days before impact, on the north-western side of a line of hills.

For the purposes of my fic, I am assuming that it was a comet that did the damage.

I’d like to know what sort of warning my time-travelling characters would have had of the approach of the comet. They are mediaeval Europeans, and would have no means of observing the sky other than naked-eye. But they have one person who is skilled in navigation by the stars, and has been watching the night sky for other reasons; and of course they would all be much more familiar with the sky at night than we are (even though the constellations would have been completely different.)

So, at what point would they have been likely to know that something big was approaching? I’ve got meteor-showers as harbingers, and I gather that these are usually at their brightest around 6am, but would that apply in this case? At what point would the meteors/comet itself have become visible in daylight? Might my characters have seen the comet travel across the sky just before impact, (this is during daylight) and if so in what direction? And finally, what sort of time-lag would there have been between seeing the light of impact, and the arrival of shock-waves, and the pyroclastic flow, in Montana?

Books: Carl Sagan ‘Comet’
Duncan Steel ‘Target Earth’
TV: ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’
Search terms: “Approach of Cretaceous comet” ‘appearance’ ‘comet impact’ 'size'

I realise that there’s probably plenty of useful stuff on Youtube... but dial-up in country Australia is geologically slow.

Many thanks!

ETA: Extremely useful replies – thank-you very much! I’ve now got some beautiful and frightening images – and my characters would have had just enough warning to reach their time-gate and open it (while being in terrible and increasing danger) which is a relief.

FBI Department Relations

Setting: modern day USA.
Background: There is a manhunt out for my protags led by the FBI, due to their upbringing they are successfully avoiding the law. A person reported missing ends up in their company and by virtue of this essentially gives the cop in charge of the manhunt the break necessary to track them down.

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