April 14th, 2010


Pacific Grove wildlife

I am writing a story set in Pacific Grove Ca. and I wanted my Character to  encounter a wolf. But I'm not sure if Wolves are actually present in Pacific Grove. When I Google Pacific Grove wildlife it comes up with Sea Creatures and The Monarchs but no wolves and when I type in Wolves in Pacific Grove it comes up with a book called Woves in The Walls, so no help there. So my question is would my character meet a wolf in Pacific Grove? 

Edit: Thank You all! You have all helped! Coyotes work also. And as I should have said my story does take place in the far future so if they are thinking about reintroducing them wolf might work as well! Thanks to everyone! 
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Media reaction to hospitalized celebrity

Setting: present day USA (coastal NC), real world but with magic

Just for backstory, I've got two male characters that are identical save for, essentially, how they style their hair, clothing they might be wearing at the time, and scars that don't show when dressed/can be covered by their magical abilities. They aren't twins; it's more accurate to say one's a magical clone of the other. Let's call the original A and the copy B.

A and B both switch off being the public persona of B, a celebrity stage magician/illusionist. He's kind of a big deal and has been in tabloids; he's had a Vegas act before, tours the US doing shows, and has been on TV specials. He's a big enough celebrity to be recognized by people who aren't really fans of magic shows as well.

Now, B gets in a car accident and is hospitalized. A storms in, worried half to death, throws around the celebrity name without thinking, and gets to stay with him as a medical proxy.

Now, the questions:

1. How quickly would/could the media react should someone tell the local news that there's a celebrity in the hospital? It's not exactly a metropolis, but it's a decently-sized city. Just not one you'd expect to see a celebrity in except under special circumstances.

2. What measures would the hospital be able to take to ensure that B, who is comatose, isn't disturbed by the media? How likely would it be that a reporter or photographer slips by?

3. I've already determined that A would be able to make an appearance in a completely different place to make the reporters believe that they've got the wrong guy in the wrong place, but how effective would that be in deterring the average media vulture?

Because this is for private RP, some amount of handwaving can be done and we can get away with being purposfully vague in some places. We're just sticklers for keeping things true-to-life and we'd hate to go back and read over it in the future and want to punch ourselves for getting something so simple wrong.

We found out pretty quickly that this wasn't something that could be googled; anything with "celebrity" in it tends to get a whole slew of tabloids and things of that sort.