April 12th, 2010


Affection between American soldiers during WWII

Characters A and B are really close friends in the army during WWII, and A gets hit pretty bad.

Would it have been a faux pas at the time for A, thinking he's dying, to tell B that he loves him?

Tried searching different arrangements of: faux pas, WWII, American, men

ETA: I want to clarify that Characters A and B are romantically involved, but I'm curious as to if it's more likely for anyone around to take it as platonic/brotherly or if it's going to be automatically thought of as homosexual.

Cut on the Tongue

Hey everyone!
I'm looking for severity of cuts on the tongue, the believable consequences (short term and long term) etc etc.

So far I have found that it is possible to get stiches on the tongue and it is a muscle that can heal fairly quickly.  However I can not find for how long this is typically for, how painful it is, and if there are any drastic changes (in movement, speach, etc) once healed.

The scenerio quickly is this:

Person A is threatening to cut person B's tongue out and holds a knife to it. Person C bursts in and startles them both which causes the blade to falter and slice a cut into person B's tongue.  I'd like it to be pretty decent of a cut, but I would like it not to have severe consequences later on.

How much blood do you suppose would flow, what procedure takes place before stiches? Any and all details you can add in that you think would be important would be so appreciated. Thanks so much in advance!