March 31st, 2010


Civil War Soldiers Cleaning up before town

I think this is a toughie.  The Eight Texas Rangers have just arrived at Camp Pratt on Spanish Lake in Louisiana from a week's journeying (days of tramping across  Louisiana mud and creeks).  They are covered in mud and soon will board a steamboat for further travel to New Orleans.  There are approximately five companies of 117 men each who haven't washed since they left Houston a week ago.

Does anyone know if Camp Pratt had washing facilities in 1861?  Enough for so many men, even if some of them didn't care about cleanliness.  Some of these men are white-collar sorts and likely used to being clean (lawyers, clerks, etc.).  Spanish Lake might do, only the only picture I have seen is contemporary and shows it covered with green scum, which likely wouldn't stop these guys except it is also full of alligators.

I have researched several books on the life of Southern soldiers, googled "military cleanliness, 1860," "how did soldier wash up in 1860s" and "Camp Pratt on Spanish Lake, Louisiana."

Any info on how so many men would wash up in this situatio, likely clothes included, would be appreciated.

So how would a medieval summoner dress?

Time and Place: mostly drawn on 14th/15th-century England, but fantastic elements give me some leeway.

Back again, though with a question for a different work.

So I want to design a medieval summoner. As in apparitor - an ecclesiastical bailiff/police officer of sorts.

I've been able to find out about his duties, and the requirements for the job, and how they were perceived - all useful, but not what I'm looking for now. What I really need to know is how he would be dressed.

Fantasy video games have made my job very, very hard, when trying Google image searches on "summoner" + "costume/outfit/uniform." "Apparitor" plus these things turns up a lot of sites in Spanish, for some reason. Web searches turn up a lot of sites that just happen to mention these things on the same page.

And Chaucer is useless here, unless the church really did issue garlands and bucklers made of cake to its summoners. Doubly useless as I want this character to be frightening, not comical.

Most of them seemed to have clerical backgrounds, so I was wondering if they dressed as such. Or maybe they dressed as constables (if constables have a distinctive mode of dress - I can't find that out either). Or maybe they were drawn from the religious orders like inquisitors, in which case he'd likely be dressed as a Dominican or Franciscan.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Classic story book names

Hi, this is my first time posting so I hope I'm doing it right.

I'm looking for name's for the four main characters in one of my Novels, I want the names to be from Classic story’s/books were a girl go's to a different world, I already thought of Alice in wonderland and Dorothy from the wizard of Oz. I've also considered the girls from Narnia, and the
Bridge To Terebithia.

the reason I would like names of this type is because the girl’s mother had a love of books and is a writing major, there for she named her four daughters after book characters. And in the story the sisters end up being transported to another world.

the problems I have had are that I want the Names to be in conmen usage, and I can’t think of any other story’s were a girl visits a different world

I've tried searching for: children’s books, Classic children’s books, Books like Alice in wonderland, books like wizard of Oz , classic children book names... and some others that I can't remember.

um. oh the story takes place in modern day U.S.A. and the girls ages are 21, 18, 15, and 13.

Edit: thank you so much every one, I was not expecting near as much help as you've all provided.

I think I've decided on Alice, Dorothy, Susan, and Wendy for the Girls names.