March 28th, 2010


Intimate concealment of an object

My heroine, possibly to her discomfort, is trying to secrete a smallish item inside her vagina. I've searched various combinations of drug mules, concealing contraband and cavity search/intimate body search, but all the links I found were more from the perspective of a law enforcement officer trying to detect such concealment than describing the experience of the smuggler herself.

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I'm afraid I have no idea at all how to tag this question. :-) Thanks!

Edit: Thanks for the replies! It looks like:

1. Not very noticeable at all as long as it's far enough inside, but possibly painful if it isn't - and I need to consider the item's temperature on first insertion.
2. It'll stay in place as long as it's not too heavy.
3. Less agreement on this, but there seems to be a consensus that she might be able to push it out with kegels (or have an orgasm!) but is likely to need the assistance of fingers or similar

Electricity and water

Setting: steampunk; characters are attacking a facility and trying to get past the security systems without dying.

The one room's security system is that it floods with water and then the water is electrified. I'm not positive that would automatically kill someone though, unless the grabbed onto something else, but I don't have the electricity knowledge to be certain. I want to have someone caught by the electricity (they disable it, but they can only disable the electricity for 30 seconds to get across the room) to up the tension of the scene, but I'm afraid I'm going to miss something that someone who knew electricity would look at and say, "that wouldn't happen." I've googled Electrical safety and stuff like that, but it's kind of a difficult thing to google when you're trying to figure out what you don't know you're missing. Would someone caught in the water be killed outright (assuming the voltage is high enough) or would they only be killed if the tried to step out of the water?

Tattoos on reptile skin?

So, basically I'm trying to create a race of reptile people,and am hung up on one small thing: would it be possible for them to get tattoos? If you can even get visible tattoos on scales, would it last if they shed their skin yearly?

The setting, while in a different world, has technology close enough to what we have today. At least, for tattooing.

I've spent the last week researching skin layers, tattoos, and scales, but haven't been able to put anything together.
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Mystery Woman!

I usually build an image collage when I'm working on a big project. Although I try to keep track of the model and photographer for acknowledgment, this one has me stumped:


(ETA2: Sorry! Elyssa/Ely are the name that I saved the file under, rather than anything associated with the original photo.)

As you can see, the image came from Corbis (Corbis watermark, top left.) The style and aesthetics alo feel modern to me--after combing through a lot of early Hollywood publicity shots, I'm almost positive this image isn't that old. The more defined curls in the hair also suggest it was taken some time since the early 90's.

I suspect the model is a European actress or musician, but only have Corbis' stocking biases to justify the guess. (Many black-and-white portraits of French celebs.) I have no guesses at all on the photographer. And of course it is also possible that she is a completely ordinary person who had a headshot or two taken, and I'll never find her or the photographer. But I thought I should try.

The original image is 320 x 480, and was accessed 22 May 2008. It is 80.7 KB.

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We considered: Blake Lively, Ali Larter, Molly Sims, Julie Delpy, Clemence Poesy, Sophie Marceau, Ludivine Sagnier, Charlotte Gainsborough, Melanie Laurent, Imogen Poots, Cecile de France, Natacha Regnier, Nora Arnezeder. (ETA: Daryl Hannah, Angela and Audry Lindvall)

I'd be really grateful if anyone has suggestions!
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English to Norwegian translation please?

Hi guys,

I'm doing a fanfic set at Christmastime with a 21-year-old Norwegian character talking to his six-year-old sister on the phone. He was estranged from his parents from the time he was fourteen (long story) and only recently discovered he even had a sister when his parents divorced and his mother finally managed to contact him again, so although they're getting along pretty well, he's sort of still keeping a little distance and trying to get to know his sister and mum (again) before he really spends any kind of extended time with them.

I'd like to show part of his conversation with his sister in actual Norwegian, because I also want her to show that she's learning English by introducing herself to his friends via speakerphone, but I don't want Babble Phish Norwegian in my story and I have no money to actually pay for a professional translation.

Is there anyone here who could translate four or five lines for me from English into Norwegian? I don't have them written yet (although I will by later tonight; I'm working on the chapter now), but they'll be fairly simple due to his sister's age. I don't care if they're in Bokmål or Nynorsk, as long as they're relatively accurate.

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Finding the "right" place to stab someone

Time & Setting: Equiv. of 17th Cent. Germany (7th Sea universe)

Working on a murder mystery of sorts and I'm a bit stumped forensics/anatomy-wise for a soon to be murder victim. I'm looking for the "right" place to stab that will fit my criteria. The murder weapon in question is a small sword. The kill is happening in a bedroom. The victim is a man of average height and weight.

1. Has to be a near-instant kill, within the span of two or three minutes max. My victim can have time to cry out in surprise, but not able to say who killed him or really move out of the way afterwards. Ambush/backstab is perfectly fine.

2. A wound that will bleed out is preferred, but no spatter. I don't want the perp covered in the victim's blood. The perp has a way of getting in and out of the room unseen, but I'm looking to reduce any massive and obvious spatter trail (while trying to get the sword stained with blood) for the getaway. Why I would prefer a bleed-out on the victim is that the first character to come upon the victim is a physician and he's doing what he can to tend to the dead man (getting his hands bloody in the process) when the rest of the characters come upon the scene. is a fascinating site and helps in some parts, but I'm still missing something in my search.
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I Need Help with Some Techno-Babble

I know I need to attempt to research my question but I am at a loss. I don't know where to begin without taking a computer course when all I need is two or three lines of dialog...

I know that when I move my fingers across these keys, words appear on the screen in front of me. I don't know gigabits from megabites from terrabites or even if I have spelled any of that correctly. I don't even really know the difference between software and hardware.

I've asked at several computer communities, and they suggest I come here...


I am writing a space opera story...

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Pairs figure skating lifts & training

Where: New York
When: Modern day
Search terms: pairs lifts, practicing pairs skating

I'm writing a skating-related fanfiction story.

He skated singles & pairs. He stopped pairs when he was about sixteen. Then he switched pretty exclusively to singles. Now is about 10-12 years later and he and an old flame are considering teaming up as a ineligible/pro pairs team. They're both Olympic level skaters; she won Olympic medals with other partners. Both are in their late 20s or so.

Will he have trouble remembering the pairs moves? Ten years seems like a long layoff to me. Or is it like muscle memory?

What is a pairs tryout like? Do they just skate around or do they actually attempt any lifts/pair moves? I'm just trying to figure what they'd try to see if they were a compatible team.

Most of the stuff I'm finding is showing the technical requirements and what the various lifts look like, but not much on training.