March 15th, 2010


In need of a Woosleyism

So, I have a Japanese nickname under a translation spell being listened to by a native English speaker (whose POV the story is being told by).

While she is referring to her best friend/schoolgirl crush/bodyguard Setsuna as "Se-chan" I do not think the person under the translation spell is going to hear that. It seems off.

I know my honorifics well enough to know what it means literally (endearing diminutive feminine title), but I'm having trouble conceiving of a proper American English equivalent. I get hung up on how bad "Sessy" and "Setsy" sound and get roadblocked.

Or maybe it just sounds bad in my head.
Eliot Spencer 'does not approve' // Leve

Internal bleeding


I have this character that, in present time, has a full frontal car accident. I've searched several injuries and I think I can make it believable. I just have a question about internal bleeding, that I couldn't find.

With what kind of test do they search for internal bleedings? Is this even possible? If found, is there any other way, other than surgery, to fix the bleedings? And how long after would she have to stay in the hospital? Also, would she need check-ups?

I've searched in terms like 'Internal bleeding', 'symptoms internal bleeding', 'surgery after internal bleeding' etc, but I couldn't find it.
English isn't my first language, so maybe I'm not searching in the right terms.

Thanks in advance!