March 14th, 2010


starvation, light deprivation -- short-term effects

Scenario: a healthy, athletic man in his late 30s is imprisoned in a small, dark room for two weeks. He has plenty of water (from a leaky pipe in the room) but no food, and the room is chilly (around 60F).

Question: what will his physical condition be after two weeks? What kind of medical treatment will he need? I assume mild or moderate hypothermia will be a problem, as well as malnutrition, but I'm not sure about the degree. Googling things like "starvation," "hunger" or "malnutrition" got me a lot of really depressing info about starvation in Third-World countries, while "short-term starvation" pulls up a lot of very dense academic articles from medical journals. An explanation in plain English would be much appreciated.

Same thing for light deprivation -- there's lots of info out there about long-term vitamin D deficiency and such, but nothing to tell me what two weeks in the dark would do.

Experience of Near-Drowning

Okay, I'm working on a what-if scenario for a fanfiction contest, writing an alternate scene from the show's canon. In canon (and in the fic), the character in question is tossed overboard and gets separated from his air supply. He is fished out of the water, and his companions are unsure if he's conscious -- he probably is at least semi-conscious, since he reddens when his female companions suggest CPR/rescue breathing, but other than that, appears unresponsive. He isn't quite human, so taking a pulse and looking for breathing may be difficult, but is close enough that first aid designed for humans probably will work.

In canon, he returns to full consciousness quickly, after (very improper) rescue breathing is administered. (With the joke being that he may have been faking to get rescue breathing from one of his female friends -- I'm deciding to play it straight and have him only semi-conscious, so his thoughts will be disjointed and not terribly aware of what's going on, and explain why his companions thought 'Crap, is he breathing? Can we tell if he is or not?'.)

I did some research on near-drowning (read Wikipedia, and googled 'near drowning first person accounts'), but I'm still not exactly sure what this character would be experiencing, especially after the rescue when the characters mistakenly believe he's not breathing and rescue breathing needs to be started. The limited reading I found indicates he would probably be disoriented and confused, even if he wasn't fully unconscious, since his body would be trying to keep his airway free of water and shutting down unessential systems. But more information would be helpful.

This is for a fantasy-comedy canon, so absolute fidelity to real life isn't required, but I want to know the rules before I decide what to break.
Syaoran Li

Latin for "Stepper"

Hi! Right to the point: Need a title for a type of trans-world teleporting character for world-building purposes. Latin is the "common" language in the universe (despite my lack of knowledge of it! whee!), so this might be only the first of several translation questions.

Anyway, the English version of the title might be "Stepper" (as in, "one who steps"), but I'm running up against a lack of direct translation in Latin. I've Binged "latin for 'stepper'" and "latin for 'step'" and used two online translation websites (one and two) and the closest I can get is "vestigium," which just means "footstep." According to this I can conjugate that using the personal ending of -i to make it "Vestigi"--which would be, what, "footstepper?"

So yeah, needless to say I'm open to any ideas. It doesn't have to be a direct translation of "Stepper" but getting the general idea across would be spiffy. Thanks! :)

ETA: Wow, thanks for all the help everyone! Lots to go off of here.
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Regarding Angelic Blood

So I have a character that I describe as being Nephilim, or descended of humans and angels. As far as the 'how they came to be' portion, I'm pretty solid on that, as there's a good amount of lore floating around regarding it. Not that anything additional wouldn't be appreciated, of course. Most of that information came from Wikipedia and the individual articles I followed out from there, from both faith based sites and scholarly historical ones.

The real stumbling block I'm having here is that there seems to be a word of mouth myth claiming that angel's blood can heal wounds/cure sicknesses/what have you. I have known other people to have partially angelic characters with this trait, and I would like to include it as it would have a heavy impact on the design of the character overall. However, I have been able to find NO documentation whatsoever of this myth, regardless of multiple searches via Wikipedia, Google, Yahoo! and Bing. I already have my ideas for how to implement my own interpretation of this myth, but I still want something solid to work it around, and I would like to know, has ANYONE ever found ANYTHING in text on this particular subject?

Any help is greatly appreciated and I thank you all in advance.

ETA: Thank you all for your comments, and I think I've found a direction to proceed in from here. I appreciate all the advice/encouragement!
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