March 12th, 2010

Doctor/Romana books

Saintly patronage question

Who, if anybody, could be reasonably held to be, if not a patron saint of resistance movements/revolutions, at least something along those lines?

Googled: 'patron saint resistance', 'patron saint revolution', 'patron saint of revolutions', attempted to find Fox's Martyrs or some kind of lives-of-the-saints book without much success. Found St Denis, apparently associated with this sort of thing at least by some people for unclear reasons.

ETA: If possible I would like a saint with whom somebody raised in the Eastern Orthodox tradition might conceivably have an at least cursory familiarity. So far St Marcellus or St Dismas seem to work best--the situation for which patronage is wanted in this case is a sort of sleeper-cell, shadow-war movement of quasi-nonviolent (or ostensibly nonviolent) resistance against a highly militaristic corporate state-within-a-state. So the people involved are in a sense conscientious objectors and if found out will probably be condemned criminals.

Military Protection Detail/Guard Training - prevalence?

I'm looking to get some background on a specific aspect of military training so I have a place to extrapolate from.   Responses from a range of countries would actually be helpful in this case, since the story's a future sci-fi.

I'm interested in knowing about the  prevalence of training in protection detail/bodyguard roles.  Does a particular branch have more people with such training, another virtually none?   Is it common, or something you'd really only be trained in if you'd been assigned such a duty (and very few ever are)?  Anything else relevant I ought to know?

Thank you!