February 19th, 2010


Gods Conceptually surviving into modern times

Most texts on dieties and gods from Pre-Christian Europe focus on the old myths, and rightly so. It easy to find lists of Gods, Anthropomorphic personifications and so on. However, I have yet to find (after many a google and library crawl) information on the dieties and gods who survived either in fiction or in symbolism the coming of christ.

The saints that were once old gods--I know they exist, but no list of them can be found easily (and I can never remember them because I always stumble across them by accident).
Dieties that became symbols in new societies (Libertas/Liberty and Lady Justice/Justitia in the United States).
Gods adopted by esoteric Socieities (Toth) or even motorcycle gangs (Surtr of the Pagans).
Even dieties who taken an elevated role in fiction might count (Thor, Hercules, Morrigan).

This applies mostly to europe, but any diety that's generally from an extinct religion will do. As long as it is incorporated into modern societies and cultures.

I am purposfully not including celestial bodies that are named for or after various dieties. Places on earth, however, remain. But those are far easier to locate, so they do not hold a priority unless its a not-well-known place.

Text Resources: To many to list, mostly encyclopedias of mythology and the classic publications (Bulfinch) on it.
Online Searches: To many Wikipedia scrolls on various subjects to even begin listing it here. Literally, sifting through each pantheon (Greco-Roman, Norse, Celtic) individually until my eyes glazed over.


followup Q: legal consequences of false statements RE handgun injury, UK

...Okay, I think I'm starting to get a handle on my initial question regarding the investigation triggered by an unexplained gunshot wound in the contemporary UK, but the discussion has raised another point that, again, I'm not sure how to start Googling:

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So, my problem here is basically who is in what degree of trouble for having done what, in this situation? A has shot someone in circumstances that he is constrained from being able to explain to the usual authorities, but B and C have both initially provided/gone along with a version of events that is provably false. Under the legal system of the UK, is anyone looking at charges here, for what, and how would they be handled in terms of possible detention? (And if there would likely be an arrest proper, how long would this take to be set into motion under these circumstances? B in particular would obviously prefer not to be in a cell somewhere at the next full moon...)

Thanks for your succulent brains vast stores of obscure data and your patience, I love being able to come to this comm when my Muse paints me into corners like these...