February 18th, 2010


Because you Guys are Awesome: Help Identifying Strange Plants Again

Setting: Present Day

Search Terms: "Plants in Himalayas", "Cho Oyo", "Weird Plants"

I'm back! And still trying to identify weird plants that I find on the internet. I tried posting this to the plants lj-community but you guys were just so awesome last time (and crazy fast!) I figured I'd give this one a try here as well.

Recently I discovered these little guys on a website describing "Cho Oyu" (which Wikipedia tells me is a mountain in the Himalayas):

Collapse )

ETA: You guys are awesome. It seems like Gentiana urnula is the name I'm looking for.
Sherlock is tired of your bullshit

Seven Dirty Words... and then some

Googled: FCC Guidelines, FCC Guidelines for Television, FCC Regulations, Communications Decency Act, Morality in Media
Setting: now-ish, but I'm not sure that a lot has changed in the last six years

I'm a big fan of matching tone and style, and right now, I'm tackling a series of stories based off of Friends. Since a big part of the show's style was how the writers got around not being able to say the "dirty words," I sort of want to keep the same restrictions.

My only problem is I know Carlin's Seven Dirty Words, but I know the FCC has a whole lot more than that. Does anybody know where to find a full set of words, as it were, that can't be said on American broadcast television? Thanks.