February 17th, 2010

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Blind person faking sightedness?

Okay, so I'm about to start working on a piece of fanfiction. The setting is a fantasy world with technology roughly equivalent to Victorian-era Europe, and one of the major characters is a blind man (he lost his sight as an adult, and has light perception but no other vision). However, for various reasons he's trying to hide his blindness from most of the other characters. The source material indicates he's basically learning to fake being sighted. I realize there might not be any way to make this seem entirely realistic, but I'd at least like to avoid being completely ridiculous, so I'm trying to figure out the following:

1) Would it be possible in real life for a person with effectively no vision to fool other people into believing they're sighted? (We'll go ahead and optimistically assume that this hypothetical person has advantages like foreknowledge of the layout of their environment, a sighted co-conspirator, etc.)

2) Even with no vision besides light perception, would it be possible for them to learn to fake eye contact in face-to-face conversation?

3) If either of these were hypothetically possible, how long might it take to get good at doing them? What kind of things would the person have to keep in mind/especially be careful about? Would any specific items/tools be particularly helpful? (There is magic in this fantasy world, but it's unfortunately not any kind applicable to this issue.) What kind of practice would be useful? Again assuming that they will have at least one sighted person to help them with said practice.

I tried googling various combinations of the terms "blind, person, faking, feigning, pretending, sight, sighted, vision, sightedness" and unfortunately, mostly came up with stuff about sighted people pretending to be blind. :/ Also checked the tags here and poked through the Nanowrimo forums.

Cookies to anyone who guesses the fandom...

Edit: I should probably also mention he lost his sight in the first place via plot device a magical accident, and it hasn't affected him outward-appearance-wise at all. Thanks for the thoughts so far, this is giving me lots to consider in my planning :)
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What water-based lube was available during the 1960s?

What water-based personal lube would have been available in America during the 1960s? Ideally, I need one that'd be fairly easy to obtain. (Ie., you could buy it while getting condoms from a pharmacy... Although stuff available via mail order might work, too.)

Edit: Thanks guys. It looks like it has to be oil-based, saliva, spermicide, or nothing.

Calling all Botinists! Help identifying strange plants

Setting: Present day

I'd post the search terms, but I have absolutely no idea how to start searching on this.

As part of a fictional astrology I was searching around for strange plants on the web. I happened to stumble across this picture on a website:

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Wow, I thought to myself, those plants would be perfect.

Only problem is, the site didn't name or describe the flowers in the slightest. Without a name to search off of, I can't figure out any way to find out what the name is! Does anyone here happen to know what these plants are called?