February 16th, 2010

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Accidental death due to illegal gun at household (USA)

Time: 1990s
Place: USA

Situation: Kids play with improperly kept gun at the house. Said gun is illegally purchased. Third person (friend of family, allowed at house) tries to get involved to get the gun away from the kids, but before he's able to, an accident happens and one of the kids gets shot and dies before child gets help (third person tries to but kid is DOA in hospital).

Would the other kid or the the third person get convicted?
Would the kids parents be held responsible?
As the gun is illegally purchased, its possession is illegal - what's the sentence, especially when someone gets shot/killed with it?

I'm kinda thinking of making the father/mother the one to buy the gun illegally and then get convicted for a longer sentence (10+ years). No idea though, if it would be possible.

I'm not American, so I kinda have no clue where to search for this. Vague things like 'accidental shooting with illegal gun' didn't give me anything usable.

Pointers would be welcomed, as would any information you might have.

ballistics identification and consequences, contemporary UK

{sigh} Once again my Muse has set me up with a scenario too specific to Google that hasn't really been covered by the tagged entries here...

The setting is the contemporary United Kingdom in more or less the Real World, specific jurisdiction south Wales. Character A is appropriately licenced to operate a handgun by virtue of his special-ops-unit employment. One morning character B, a mate of A's, turns up at A&E with non-life-threatening gunshot injuries. B alleges to the attending physician that these injuries are the result of a home invasion scenario in which he did not see the other party well enough for any sort of identification.
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At this point I am not necessarily married to getting far enough into an investigation that A is under serious question, for purposes of the story at hand, but at minimum it would be helpful to know if it would be realistic to have worked out the provenance of the bullet to at least some level of strong suspicion within one month. {goes off to smack Muse around for coming up with these things...}

I don't know nuthin' 'bout birthin' no babies

It's a historical novel, set during the Klondike Gold Rush (just before the turn of the last century). A woman is about to give birth in a miner's cabin. Can anyone point me to a good resource to read that would give me an idea of what this would be like from the person who's wound up facilitating the birth? With lots of juicy (sorry) details?

And, given a young, strong, healthy mother, a nice, uncomplicated birth, a severe relative lack of interest in the baby vs. where her man's gotten off to, how soon could I get her up on her feet and traveling -- by sled or similar conveyance in the dead of winter, possibly at least partly on foot? Sans baby? With a good chance of not killing her in the process?

Although what I really want to know is why people keep wanting to give birth in my stories. I know nothing about pregnancy/childbirth, never wanted to, and never had any kids of my own. We are not amused.

Googled: "childbirth under primitive conditions," "childbirth under historical conditions." Neither were of any use for what it would have been like as opposed to, say, birth weight charts and so forth. Not even sure how to phrase the second question for Google.

ETA: Thanks for all the information! As to leaving the baby alone, she won't be doing that -- my main character is the one who is left with the child when the mother takes off, and the milk issue is covered on that front as well. As for the winter travel, yes, I'm aware (boy, am I aware), and that part I have covered in the research I've been doing.

I just needed to know how soon she could be up and able to travel, and what the childbirth experience would be like, and you guys covered me. Thanks!

How badly can I beat my main character without landing him in the E.R.?

I need an injury, or rather a set of injuries, to order. I've gone through the tags and I have some ideas, but I have a specific set of circumstances to confine myself to.

My 23 year old, male protagonist is in a bad fight. How badly can he be beaten without NEEDING professional medical treatment.

He has an infirmary at home, and friends who have first aid training and internet access, but he can't call 911/go to a doctor/have a doctor come to him (I suppose this last one would technically be possible if necessary).

Ideally he would also be semi-mobile (he can be in pain and using a cane/crutch) within a few days. And have no major facial injuries (anything that can't be covered with makeup is out).

His attacker is a stereotypical bad guy and can have any kind of weapon(s).

My thoughts are a concussion with a brief blackout, a II-III grade MCL tear, and some cuts and other assorted injuries. Are these plausible for a back alley attack? And serious enough to mess him up for a few days/worry my hero's friends? And more-or-less treatable at home?


Black American Servicemen in the UK - 1950s/60s

Setting London - present day but backstory is in London late 1950s early 1960s

Black American servicemen on leave from their bases in the UK would go to London and hang out at the Flamingo Club bringing in records that were unavailable in the UK at the time. Can anyone tell me which bases these might have been, I presume within easy travel distance of London. Remember this is the 1950s and early 60s. One side question; can anyone tell me what the terminology for weekend pass (the British term I believe) was?

Googling has got me alot of interesting about Black servicemen stationed in the UK during WW2 and more than I really wanted to know about the politics of Cruise missile deployment during the 1980s. Any chance somebody knows somebody who was there at the time?

Any help or good pointers gratefully accepted.