February 14th, 2010

Film - The Old Guard

French military ID tags in WWII (and uniform)

I Googled quite a lot and found some decent sites, such as this one, but I couldn't find a definitive and detailed description/image of what dog tags looked like for the French military in WWII. (Most sites just wanted to sell me dubiously-accurate replicas.) Specifically, what info was written on them? Full name, or just last? Religion, etc? Also, would their uniforms be labeled with their surnames? Thanks for any help. :)

Vocal Fold Trauma and scarring

Setting: Alternate modern universe with Werewolves. For those who know it, Werewolf: the Forsaken from the World of Darkness

Prior Research and search terms: Vocal Cord Trauma, Vocal Cord Scarring, Vocal Cord Damage, Vocal Fold Trauma, Vocal Fold Scarring, Vocal Fold Damage, The Vocal Fold entry on Wikipedia, especially the 'Vocal fold wound healing' section, Whispering (Google and Wikipedia)

I'm trying to work out how a character would speak after repeated burning trauma to the throat.

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ETA Cut and more search terms
rain, paper boats

Picnic grounds during the Victorian Era

Timeline is Victorian Era, 1890s. Location is London.

I'm looking for a suitable area for a picnic in the London area, preferably somewhat near Baker St. I've googled Victorian picnic, Victorian picnic grounds, London picnic grounds Victorian era and such terms. I know public parks are generally open for picnics, and that it is sort of a favorite thing to do for Victorians, but I could never get a concrete "Yes, they had picnics <<name of park>> during the Victorian era." Would I be completely wrong if I have them going to a picnic at Hyde Park?

Thank you in advance!
Rorschach by tribble_graphix

Any Truman memorials in DC?

Place: USA
Time: Current

Hello, all! My MC is a big fan of President Truman and will find himself in Washington DC in this story. Are there any memorials or museums to Truman he can visit while he's there? Googling pulled up the Truman Building, but that's a state building and not exactly what I'm looking for.

I'm not looking for a big place; something with a statue and memorabilia would be ideal.

I've googled variations on Truman museum, Truman DC, Truman tributes, etc.

Thank you!