February 10th, 2010

Henry Mallet

Parenthood/illegitimacy in mid-1990s England

My character has a brief relationship with a woman who subsequently gives birth to a son. (Both of them are single.) He has no intention of marrying her, but he is willing to acknowledge the child as his own - even without requiring any sort of paternity test. Indeed, for reasons of his own, he is reluctant to discover whether the child is really his or not.

The baby is several months old when my character makes his mind up what to do about it. Once he has acknowledged paternity, can his name be retroactively entered on the birth certificate as the father, and could the boy be given his surname? What documentation will he need to enter into with the baby's mother? He wants to keep it all as informal as possible, and as he has a good income he is quite prepared to be generous - within limits. He is happy to support the child, and willing to have contact with him as the boy grows older, but wants to keep contact with the mother minimal and at arms' length as much as possible.

Is this scenario generally feasible, and what would be the absolute minimum legal requirement for my character to accept paternity and take financial responsibility for the child?
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Nicknames for WRNS members in WWII

Setting: Britain, 1944.
Already Googled: I have no idea how to Google for this :(

Reeaall quick question here. I know members of the Women's Royal Navy Service were commonly abbreviated to be called Wrens, but would American infantrymen have known this nickname as well? I'm just curious how an American infantryman who's been in Europe for some time would have referred to a woman in Wren uniform-- or if he would most likely not have recognized the uniform at all, in which case I need to find an alternate, less specific phrase to describe her.


Questions on Poisons, rape

Hello all, this is my first post, so hopefully I'm doing this right...

Basically, I'm writing some fanfiction stories, and I'd like some help on writing them correctly.
I put the questions under a cut so it's easier to navigate, I hope that's okay. Please let me know if it's not.

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Thanks for the help, everyone! I look forward to the responses.

EDIT: Just made something more clear.