February 7th, 2010

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Moonlight, Sunlight - Light spectrum & wavelengths

ok - so now that i've scared 1/2 of you off, I'm having trouble finding anything that makes sense to my liberal arts brain about light wavelengths in terms of moonlight vs. sunlight.

Moonlight, according to wikipedia, has a wavelength of 4100 Kelvins (that's it's "light temperature" while Sunlight comes in between 5500 and 6000 Kelvins (overcast day is 6600K).

And that's where my understanding stops. I can quote that info, but can't make sense of it.

Moonlight, being reflected sunlight, should lose some of the wavelengths that the original sunlight has, right? Beyond registering as a different color to both sensors and the human eye, what other differences would there be between the two qualities of light?

And what does the whole Kelvin discussion mean?

Thanks for the help folks!

Googled: moonlight and sunlight spectrum, moonlight wavelengths, moonlight light spectrum - the real problem isn't finding hits but understanding the explanations i get when I *do* find those pages.

EDIT: OK - first, sorry I was MIA - the postings below are hugely helpful as a way to redirect my question from the deep weeds I wandered into. I knew my hard science was thin - it appears some of it is REALLY thin - and some just plain wrong. Thanks to all of you have pointed me in the right direction - some specific comments below :>.

2nd EDIT Here's what I'm really up to:

if you're eyes were good enough oooh, so if my non-humans had a broader range of light spectra it could see, could moonlight uncover symbols written in that spectra that couldn't otherwise be seen?

I need this:

So, I'm trying to create a tool that works differently in moonlight than sunlight that I'm trying to make sense of.

I want to have a carved spindle (carved from horn or stone, let's say) show more information in moonlight (additional symbols become visible) than in sunlight or shade (so something in the moonlight has to trigger it) - which means the missing wavelengths in the reflected light may be my only tool - are there others?

And yes, magic would work - but I want it to be science, not hand waving :>

Czech anarchism and lifestyle during the Cold War.

Setting: Prague in a yet-unspecified date (I'm still in a research phase for this work so I'll pick the decade that works with the storyline I have in mind) during the Cold War in a slightly AU universe (so far only in terms of what goes bump in the night there but I can make other changes).

Research thus far: Several Google combinations of "anarchism", "USSR", "Czech Republic" and others as well as the ol' paper books. I've been reading through several websites and have found background information on Czech anarchism and anarchism in the USSR in general. Regarding the "lifestyle" bit I seem to mostly come across photos or very basic info/tourist accounts (at least in the languages I know) rather than actual experiences.

1. My main character is a teenager/young adult (age also flexible) in Prague in said unspecified decade. Would they manage to find *any* anarchist groups? This article says there wouldn't be any actual organized movements of specifically anarchist leaning so I can still make them up (AU 'verse!) but I'd rather keep some relation to actual history. If so, how would said character find those groups? Would there be any under-the-table recruitment or would it be simply known who to go to?
2. Since apparently certain books and such weren't widely available in the open... where would my main character get them?
3. Regarding the lifestyle in general what would life then and there be like? Are there any links I can check out? Preferrably no propaganda please. I'm particularly looking for info on clothes. Also family and education matters.

Bonus question: is there any comm (similar to all those "ask a british person about your fic" communities/forums) where I can check with someone who lived or has heard (either read or heard from family etc) of the lifestyle in that decade in Prague? Aha. Mostly stuff like "would my character be wearing this?" or "what slang would youngsters be using?" or even "what would the characters eat?".

Thank you so much little_details!

ps. I hope I tagged this correctly.

High End Chicago Resturantes that can serve as defensible position

Set in 2005/2006, I need a location to host a Presidential Dinner in Chicago or the surrounding area. It has to be able to accommodate a good 20-30 persons and have enough security/proper structuring to provide a tactical advantage to those within over those attacking it.

It is very likely to be leveled in the ensuing conflict.  

Research Attempted: Google keywords: Chicago, Restaurants, High-End, Five Star, Convention Centers, Surviving Speakeasies

It's not like restaurants advertize their defensibility in case of a raid...anymore. And few of them are suitable for the President of the United States to use to greet foreign dignitaries.


social geography in New York

I'm probably being a bit obsessive here (I'm writing up backstory for a roleplaying character), so... just off the top of your head...
Setting: Rochester and New York City, New York, US, near future. Not sure it's researchable, I don't know how, at least.

Our Heroine grew up in Rochester, then ran away to New York City when she was 12. She hitchhiked from Rochester to NYC, got mugged, then met a homeless ex-military pickpocket who took her back to where he was staying.

Whereish in (or near) Rochester might a drug-addicted prostitute (her mother) and a slightly crazy, very poor old woman (her neighbor and de facto guardian) live? ("Downtown" or "The east side" or whatever is more than enough for my purposes here)

Whereish in NYC works for the second part of the scenario? I need all of the following, within at least halfway reasonable (sequential) walking distance of one another: 1. Someplace that a driver arriving in the city from out of town would be likely to go, or at least pass by, 2. Someplace that a child could be mugged (likely by a teenager) in the middle of the afternoon without arousing undue general outcry, 3. A place that a pickpocket might be trying to ply his trade (a street name or other identifier would be helpful here, however an actual resident would refer to the general area--for example, "on 5th Street" or "in Times Square" or "near Central Park"), and 4. A place that a homeless guy might sleep at night, in early fall.

Thanks, all.

edit: First bit's answered, thanks. For logistical reasons, I don't think the subway would work for anything but the last bit.
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Missing Persons / Abduction Questions

Present day: The daughter (age 21+) of a Homicide Detective in Pittsburgh, PA goes missing. She told her parents she would be at friend A's house. They checked with friend A, who said the daughter told her she'd be at friend B's place. Friend B said she'd be at Friend A's.

Let's say they talk to everyone and no one knows where she is. Her cell phone is off, which is unlike her. She hasn't checked in with her parents (also unlike her)...etc.

So where would it go from there?

- What procedures/efforts would be done/taken to find her?
- Would the fact that she's a detective's daughter influence or speed up efforts to find her?
- Would the homicide detective be involved? If so, how?
- Would other Authorities (State Police, FBI, volunteers) be brought in? When (after how long)?
- Would it be aired on the news or in newspapers? How much info would be given? How long would she be missing before they'd ask for the media's help?
- Would the cases of the homicide detective be researched for suspects?
- How long before the search "goes cold" or is "called off" due to lack of evidence and/or no leads?

- Would the homicide detective still likely look into it "off the clock"? Would other authorities, also?

Let's also suppose that a year after she originally went missing, evidence finally surfaces connecting her to a serial killer (who has been serving life in prison for over 10 years)'s M.O.

- Would this now be ruled as an abduction or possible homicide?
- Now what would be done? By whom? Who would be/get involved?
- Would she still be considered "missing"? Would the case be re-opened? Or would it be opened as an entirely new/different case? Would they go back through the original missing persons investigation as well as the killer's contacts and history?

There's a bit more to it than this (re: the connection to the killer) but I'd rather not get into it and possibly have my plot/ideas stolen.

Anything else I should know or include? Any information at all would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

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