February 6th, 2010

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Gay men in Italy

My character is a gay Englishman traveling in Italy around 2000. How likely would he be to be approached by other men in the street? I've been to Italy before, and remember well the frequent romantic overtures I received from Italian men, especially when I was in Florence. But I am an American woman and was 21 at the time, so my experience would not be the same as a gay man. My character is spending a few months in Italy, mostly in Florence, where I am going to have him work in a gelato shop. Would he be likely to be approached at all, and if so, how frequently?

Thank you for any help you can give me!

US Air Force Ranks and How You Get there

Hello everybody, it's me yet again,

Thank you very much for all your comments and advice, I appreciate all of them, really - never mind your killing my sub-plot and character altogether!! lol

Ok, based on your comments as well as some discussions with a private pilot (Englishman) I've come up with this background to my character - who's traits of character remain the same pls!

- pushed by his father, he gets into the Air Force Academy;
- towards the end of the year he gets injured (intentionally or not) and out of the Academy, gets a transfer to the school of Aerospace; gets into air races while there;
- enlistes in the air force after graduation - to fly fighter airplanes again; happenes to crash land a mulfunctioned  airplane in an extreme accident , thus saves the airplane together with a co-pilot  who could not eject;
- as the result is recognised and sent to test pilot school (havent researched about this yet, just been told that there is such a school);
- after the school, flies/works as test pilot for the Air Force.
- gets to the rank of Cap.

Does this makes sense then?

Oh, and the wife and kid is just another thing he does to prove something. Doesn't work out in the end.

Thanks a million for your patience with me!


Hello everybody again,

Thank you so very much! Your feedback is awesome and very helpful!! Thought I'd just drop a blanket answer here and some clarifications. Hope this is in line with the adopted etiquette here.

First of all, apologies for not indicating in the initial post that I had done some reseach prior to posting it. I thought my plot was ... uummm... a bit too much, to put it mildly (OK, OK, I know it's a huge understatement, so just bear with me eh? ;o). But was just hoping that some of your suggestions would help me to justify it. As I can see now, probable not...

OK, let me have my second chance then before I give up and make another twist in the plot (haha, it's a pun, half intended!!):

- my character is a maverick as regards to flying, it's his passion. He has been flying and doing aerobatics since he got a licence at 14 (I've reseached this, it's possible; I even talked to someone who said he'd gotten his at 14!! An American). He can do things that very few other can and can take an airplane to its limits.

- he doesn't specifically want to have a career with the Air Force (thank you mydocuments  for correcting my term usage, I need it as you correctly noted it and really appreciate all advice!), he only wants to fly ALL types of aircraft possible that can do aerobatics and with Thunderbirds too. That's why he comes back to the Air Force after graduating from uni.

- I was hoping that he is accepted to fly with Thunderbirds easier than others at least because he's known for his flying skills. Also he stays wit them longer than others? Possible?

- he is from a very wealthy family from Texas, military and diplomats and politics. His father was highly decorated during 1st Glf War (I need to reseach this a bit further). Hence they/family are able to get him nominated for the Air Force Aacdemy. And he is accepted because of his flying skill AND pass all the entry requiements of course.

- thing is he is not a military career type and have problems with discipline - he's a maverick, what can I say? And he does things to prove to his father (who wants him to follow his career in the Air Force) that he can do things as well, esp flying, without a military career. That's why he gets out of the Academy. OK, maybe he gets himself transferred to the School of Aerospace then.

- OK, I got it about promotion through ranks. Maybe I will stop at Cap then; should be plausible, no? ;o)

Once again thank you very much for all your help, past and future! Trully appreciated!!!




I'd like to seek your help: I'm writing a fanfic where a character loves to fly, esp aerobatics. I have made some reseach on this, but not sure if the following is plausible at all:

At 18yoa he is enrolled into US Airforce Flight Academy by his father, an Airforce General. After a year he marries a girl, has a child and drops out. Enrolls in J.D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences in N.Dakota, does flying and aerobatics there too. Graduales at 22 and join Airforce as 1nd Lt., with the aim to fly with Thunderbirds. Accepted in Thunderbirds and promoted to Cap within 3 years - makes him the youngerst Cap, then promoted to Maj by 28yo making him the youngerst Maj in US Airforces?? 

Is it possible, even if this is an extraordinary case? What one has to achieve to get there? 

Many thanks for your help!!