February 4th, 2010

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Post-Apocalyptic scenario

Setting: future!Earth after a nuclear war that wiped a good 90% of life forms off the planet. When the fic takes place, radioactivity has considerably lowered (I was thinking about the Alienation Zone near Chernobyl nowadays? Officially people aren't allowed to live there, but some do anyway), humanity colonized other planets and the Earth is kept as a prison for rejects from society. The police patrols the space around it and no one is allowed to enter its orbit unless it's to unload prisoners or bring monthly supplies.

Given that, my question is about the weather vs. seas. Scientists theorize about a nuclear winter following a war, and then that a nuclear spring would take place, too, but I'd also need for seas/oceans to shrink and I'm at a loss about what to do. Is it plausible for that to happen during the remnants of a nuclear winter or not at all? A real nuclear spring would be too harsh a setting for the plot I have in mind. I wanted my characters to live in Normandy - I know that a place like the Aral sea would suit my needs better, since it's dried up already, but I can't really move everything there unless I absolutely have to - and the idea was to have Mt. Saint Michel surrounded by a wasteland.

Then, how would said wasteland really be? The bulk of the winter would be gone by now, so I was rather thinking about a barren steppe littered with ice and snow. Again, is that plausible or not?

Thank you everyone in advance!

(I tried google/wiki various combination of nuclear winter/war/spring, how to survive after a nuclear catastrophe, wasteland, and of course every site I could find that mentioned Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Pryipiat. I had a look at the community tags, too, but I couldn't find anything related to my questions)
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Obscure, classy, sophisticated jazz band

Music connoisseurs, I need your help!

Setting: London, 2004.
Searched: browsed the 'music' tag, but don't really know how to google this. Sorry.

I'm looking for a band that is really left-field/far-out, technically proficient and virtually unknown in the UK (or anywhere else, for that matter). I was thinking along the lines of an instrumental jazz band. Or it may be electronica/IDM - they all suit the characters' background, but I reckoned jazz would sit better with that nice mental image of a subsequently dug-up vinyl LP.
My chappie A works in an indie record shop, and it's going to be a bit of a bonding thing between him and chappie B, in style of "I thought I was the only person who knows who they are!". The thing is, the guys are both professional musicians, so it takes more than fleeting hipster credibility for them to like a record.

I know that I'm venturing out onto a highly subjective ground here, but hopefully someone can throw some names my way. I could of course invent a name, but I guess it just wouldn't be the same.

A humbly doffed hat to you in advance.

ETA: Wow! Thank you so much guys!