January 31st, 2010

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Public Perceptions of Women in CID Around 1975 -- 1985

Setting: England, alternating between one or two big cities and the Peak District.

Timeline: Events occurring over the course of one year in the late 70s or early 80s, depending on the answer to my questions.

Searches: Google and Ask with various combinations of First Woman Female Detective Inspector CID UK Police; Wikipedia; the Met's website; ACPO's list of women in positions of authority; the tags on this community.

I'm about to start researching for a mystery novel in which the main character is a Detective Inspector in a major force's CID (I'm currently leaning towards Birmingham, but am also considering the Met, Manchester or possibly Leeds). Collapse )

So my questions are:

1) when, in the ten years or so I could set my story in, would a female DI be unremarkable to the general public?

2) how would the press report the fact that this DI had been planning to leave her husband, and had now disappeared (her husband is a stoical type, who will wait a while for her to come home, before putting out any kind of appeal about her whereabouts)? How would ordinary people react to reading the story: sympathetic or judgmental?

3) at what point would the police (her own force or internal investigations) start looking for her (there's no doubt as to who killed her colleague, and plenty of other witnesses to what happened)?

Finally: there may have to be a plot device to explain why there are no repercussions when she does reappear, but a few other consequences of her unofficial investigation are going to have to be hushed up too... any comments on that are also appreciated.
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Murder investigations in the UK

I have some questions regarding the usual CID-work in the UK, especially Manchester.
(CID = Criminal Investigation Department)
My research was mainly via google and wikipedia as well as the "Life on Mars"-fandom (which has been very helpful so far).

First I'd like to apologize for any grammar or spelling mistakes I made, I'm no native speaker. ^^*

Setting: Manchester, 2000 - 2010
Topic: Investigation of murder

I found a lot on murder investigations in general, but most articles are pretty unspecific regarding the ranks, they only say "a police officer".

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Thanks in advance!
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Rural Colorado Police, Abandoned Child/Deaf Child Adoption questions

This is a sort of multifaceted question based upon one scenario.

A man, J, finds a baby boy abandoned out in the woods in Colorado (perhaps a small town in the Colorado Springs area, not sure yet). The boy is a few months old and healthy. J looks around for the mother but can’t find anyone in the vicinity. He doesn’t look long, however, since he has a crying baby to take care of (the baby was actually placed there by more fantastical means, so there is no mother around, but that ‘how’ is unimportant.)

J brings the baby back to the ranch where he lives with his elderly parents. His first reaction is to get in contact with the police regarding the child and “missing” mother. Now, being out in the “boonies” so to speak, with the closest small town being about 20 minutes away by truck, I was wondering a few things:

1) Would he even consider 911 an option? Or would he call the local (relatively speaking) sheriff/police first? If he could/did use 911, would that direct the call to the closest big town, like Colorado Springs?

2) When he does get in touch with the authorities, would it be correct to assume that someone from Child Protective Services would be called? What sort of priority would a case like this take? Based on that question, how long would the arrival of the CPS official be delayed? A few hours or a few days? (The event happens in the afternoon.) Also, would the police at the scene take the baby or leave him with the family that found him as they wait for the CPS?

3) I’m curious about how much of the legalities could be set aside in such a rural area. I’m assuming they would go by the book though, but then again my “rural living” experience was just visiting relatives.


After the police and CPS have come and all procedures are followed, J decides that he wants to take in the abandoned child. So…

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I’m sorry that there are so many questions, but I feel a lot of the answers here come from experience more than internet research… Trust me, I’ve poked around and can’t really find the specifics I want.

I think I rambled enough, but if you need any more details let me know…


Thank you to everyone who replied! Although the facts might not fit the story, that doesn't mean I can't make the story fit the facts. So thanks for all the info and suggestions. Now I can ponder and scheme out this plot point while properly informed. :)