January 30th, 2010

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Help with Greek slang

Time: present day, contemporary fantasy novel
Location: a bar in neutral territory where the common language is English

I've searched Google multiple times for "greek slang," "greek slang dictionary," and even "greek insults". I've looked in Greek phrasebooks, but I either can't find any slang terms or I can't find the ones I need. I searched through previous postings in this community.

I'm looking for a word or phrase in contemporary Greek slang that a guy would use for a pretty girl he doesn't know and is being deliberately, but mildly, rude to. Examples of this in American English would be  "Babe,", "Sweetie," "Honey Pie," or in British English, "bird". This would be rude in English if the guy doesn't know the girl (which is true in my example, below). Slightly more vulgar slang might also work, but I don't want to use anything too vulgar ("bitch" is going too far).

Context: My MC approaches a man who is the relative of a person she is looking for and asks him for assistance with finding his relative. I'd like to use the slang term in the man's "why should I help you, honey?"-type response. He's quite the jerk.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Counseling Programs for Abusive Men

I found a pretty good Google document about the different theories behind spousal abuse, but that's as close as I got.  What I'm looking for is a model used in individual therapy for an abusive man.  I want to write out my character's trip through therapy and I want to get it as close as possible.  I want to know what the steps are for each session, like what they would talk about first, which issues would be addressed in what order, etc.

I'm assuming the content of therapy depends on the man involved, but isn't there a basic model a therapist would use to construct the program?  I saw that programs last three to six months and I got the general feeling that they were like out-patient "camp" for wife-beaters--they attend the program through to completion and that's that. 

I Googled various versions of "counseling domestic abuse", "counseling program abusive men", "counseling abusive men".  Even if you guys could just point me in the direction of more resources, it would help.

Setting is NYC, present day.  And I have no idea what to tag this as.