January 27th, 2010

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Names for Chinese Twins and Peer Attitudes in School

I'm wondering if anyone can help me with two questions.

I have a set of first-generation Chinese twin girls born in America, in either the late fifties or early sixties (time-frame is flexible). I'm trying to come up with a set of theme names for them, preferably something that uses a Chinese word that means Pearl. I was thinking of Jia Zhu and Jia Lin. Do those names make sense? Do either of them carry unfortunate implications or baggage? If so, can anyone recommend either names or a good website for finding them?

I tried 20,000 names.com to come up with the basic parts of the names, then tried using the name combinations I came up with on facebook or google, but didn't find anything I felt confident in.

I'm also wondering if anyone can tell me what the attitude would be in a school that is mostly all Chinese students in America to a girl who is half-Chinese with no father and visible Caucasian features, i.e. green eyes. This would be in the seventies/eighties, in probably either San Francisco or New York- think some major city that has a large Chinese population. I'm assuming she'd be fairly isolated or teased; if I'm incorrect, any input on that would be appreciated. The school population can also be a mix of Koreans and Chinese- basically, I'm looking for a school environment where she'd hear Chinese spoken on and off and would face isolation from her peers.

For that, I did some google-fu along the lines of "Half-Chinese" + 80's + school" without any definite results.


ETA Yes, my character is half-Chinese with green eyes. She has a maternal Chinese relative that also had green eyes. I'm aware that's not very likely, but in the universe I'm writing in, it's happened. I appreciate people commenting to tell me about genetics relating to eye color, but I'm aware of the situation and it works for the character in question.